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My Body Shape Guide – Celebrity Body Shapes

Here at MyCelebrityFashion, we echo Auntie Gok’s mantra; that every body shape and size is beautiful. I was fortunate enough to be brought up by a lady who didn’t project any body hang ups and was comfortable with the shape and size that she’s been blessed with (thanks mom). However, most of us women (and men) learn to focus on the body part that we hate the most as we’re immersed in a world that is critical of everything but “model perfect” which is nigh-impossible to achieve.

So my mission is to change that little voice inside your head that says your bum is too big or your boobs are too small, to one that knows that your body is uniquely beautiful and should be celebrated by dressing it up in all of the gorgeous clothes that our beloved high street has to offer.

I know that the road to body confidence is bumpy so I’ve created a compact little celebrity body shape guide to arm you with the tools to feel comfortable and confident whatever the occasion.


Hourglass: Look sideways in the mirror, are your boobs and bum in proportion, i.e. are each of them ample enough? Now face forward, your hips are lovely and curvy and your waist nips in doesn’t it and it’s your smallest part? Then you have an hourglass figure so flaunt those curves with fitted fashion not shapeless, baggy clothing.

Celebrities with hourglass body shapes: Marilyn Monroe, Kelly Brook, Scarlett Johannson, Elisha Cuthbert, Dita von Teese and Nigella Lawson, Kim Kardashian.

Clothes To Suit An Hourglass Body Shape: Wrap dresses, cropped jackets, waist-cinching belts, pencil skirts, 50s circle skirts, wide leg trousers, bootcut jeans, fit and flare dresses, tops that taper in at the waist.

Clothes To Smother An Hourglass Body Shape: Super skinny thigh-clinging jeans, bulky boyfriend jeans, fishtail skirts, drop-waist coats, shapeless tees and tunic tops, anything too baggy.


Pear: Do a little twirl for me and take a peek. Do you have a gorgeous Beyonce style bum teamed with voluptuous hips and thighs that are broader than your upper half? Then you have a gorgeous pear body shape so balance out your slender upper body and you’ll create the hourglass illusion in an instant.

Celebrities with pear body shapes: Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Coleen Rooney, Shakira, Rihanna.

Clothes To Suit A Pear Body Shape: Tops with structured shoulders, tops with embellishment and detail to the bust and shoulders, A-line hip skimming dresses, flat front trousers, wide leg trousers, fluted sleeve tops, kimono tops.

Clothes To Smother A Pear Body Shape: Super skinny jeans, ‘busy’ overly detailed trousers and jeans, fishtail skirts, straight funnel neck coats.


Strawberry: Do you have strong shoulders and a broad upper body that tapers down to a subtle waist and slender hips? If the answer is yes then you have a strawberry body shape so balance out your bottom half with full skirts and wide leg trousers that will flatter your succulent shape.

Celebrities with strawberry body shapes: Dolly Parton, Renee Zellwegger, Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson.

Clothes To Suit A Strawberry Body Shape: Full skirts, wide leg trousers, tunic dresses, open cardigans, single button coats, v-neck tops, wrap style tops, bootcut trousers.

Clothes To Smother A Strawberry Body Shape: Tapering trousers, pencil skirts, chunky knits, puff sleeve tops, double-breasted jackets.


Apple: Are you blessed with an ample bosom and a rounded, less defined middle? When you look down you see little hips and quite frankly fabulous legs. Then you my friend have an apple body shape so dress to define that waist and flaunt those pins.

Celebrities with apple body shapes: Drew Barrymore, Lorraine Kelly, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Hudson and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Clothes To Suit An Apple Body Shape: Shapewear to cinch in your waist, wrap style tops and dresses, flared maxi dresses, bootcut jeans, knee length skirts, v-neck tops, tunics, long tops,

Clothes To Smother An Apple Body Shape: Shift dresses, tapered jeans, pleated trousers, very short skirts, chunky knits, boxy jackets.


Rectangle: Are your hips and boobs in proportion with your waist not far behind? If you’re fairly straight up and down then you have a simply beautiful rectangular body shape much like the models that adorn our catwalks and glossies. Compliment your rectangular body shape by creating curves with structured pieces and on-trend peplums.

Celebrities with rectangular body shapes: Cameron Diaz, Alexa Chung, Cat Deeley, Gwen Stefani, Sienna Miller, Jessie J.

Clothes To Suit A Rectangle Body Shape: Structured shifts with peplums or tiered detailing, peplum skirts, tulip skirts, feature detail tops (bows, ruffles etc), racer back vest tops, strappy vest tops, belted cardigans, pussy bow blouses, boyfriend jeans.

Clothes To Smother A Rectangle Body Shape: Low rise jeans, dropped waist dresses, crop tops, bralets, straight skirts.

Now that you’ve found out your celebrity style body shape, take a look at the relevant celebs’ pages here on MyCelebrityFashion to see how the celebrities dress to suit their body shape and how you can do the same for less. If you want any tips on where to find any of the body shape guide fashion that we’ve mentioned then Tweet us, write on our Facebook wall or use our Contact Form.