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Alicia Douvall’s Argan Organic Range

We chatted to the lovely Alicia Douvall who has just launched her very own beauty collection – Douvall’s Argan Organic Range. We talked all things beauty, celebs and what inspired her to create her own products. Settle down with a cuppa and take a read.




1. Tell us about your new Organic Argan Oil Range. What inspired you to create a beauty line?
Douvall’s is a natural Organic Argan Oil skincare range which consists of a moisturiser, all-in-one cleanser and bronzing oil. Our bestseller is the fast absorbing Argan Oil Moisturiser which is 100 per cent Argan Oil. Argan Oil is uniquely high in vitamin E, anti-oxidants and fatty acids so it’s great for your skin. You can use it as a day or night cream, all over the body plus it’s non-greasy even under make up. It’s also great for the hair and nails too. It’s a fantastic cost-effective multipurpose product that actually works!


2. Which is your favourite product from your range and why?
My favourite product from the range right now is the Bronzing Oil. It is Argan Oil combined with mineral make up which you can use on your face, body and even hair! You have the option to give yourself a subtle glow or layer it up to achieve a deep tan.  It moisturises and gives a great dewy sun kissed look, without the harmful effects of the sun or that dry feeling sometimes found with self-tanners. It also has some shimmer included to give you that summer glow, which at this time of year I really need!


3. Who inspired you to create your own beauty range?
I fell in love with Argan Oil when a friend in the USA introduced it to me. While I was out there I used Argan Oil and nothing else for 3 months – not even makeup, it almost became a challenge, but my skin transformed from it. When I came back to the UK, I could not find it anywhere!  My daughter Georgia was the one to say “you know what you should develop your own Argan Oil products, that way you will have your own supply”. She believed in me so that was it. Georgia is now the face of Douvall’s and plays a vital role in the running of the business.


4. What are your current favourite beauty trends?
Well organic and natural is where I’m at, I think skincare should function first rather than follow trends. I am happy to see that women are fast becoming savvy to what ingredients are included in their skincare and as a result organic and natural products are really in demand. Customers are also demanding a lot more from their skincare but at reasonable prices, which Douvall’s delivers. I source the highest quality natural organic ingredients and all my products are multi-purpose – so you get more for your money.


5. Which celebrity do you think always looks flawless on the red carpet make-up wise?
In light of the release of the film Hitchcock, I would definitely have to say Scarlett Johansson! She is so naturally beautiful and always has a lovely versatile look.


6. What was your biggest beauty faux pas to date?
Hair extensions and plastic surgery are definitely my biggest regrets today. If I knew then what I knew now my hair would be down to my waist and my face would be very different!


7. Beauty products can be expensive. What budget beauty advice would you give to shoppers on a budget?
My advice is to seek multi-tasking products that do more but contain less. You should stay well clear of paraffin’s, sulphates, artificial perfumes, alcohol and toxins. Products that contain these ingredients usually have the opposite effect to what they say on the jar!

My motto is “if I can eat it then it’s good enough to put on my skin” (all my products are safe enough to eat, although they aren’t the tastiest!) Don’t forget it’s now proven that 60 per cent of skincare products go through your skin, so you have to ask yourself – do I really want to put these chemicals into my body?


8. What’s the best beauty bargain you ever bought?
Well that would have to be Argan Oil from a women’s co-operative in Morocco who I am now in partnership with. These women are simply amazing, and co-operatives are great as they give the women their independence, a fair wage, good working conditions and the education they need. Argan Oil transformed my face, body, hair, nails and even my life as it turned into my business! All that from a bottle of Argan Oil – this was without a doubt my best beauty purchase!


9. Mascara or lipstick?
Lipstick – I think bright red lips add sex appeal and always make you look done up even if you have little make-up on.


10. Finally, do you have a beauty statement you live by?
“The answer is simpler than we thought” check out my website to find out more!


Douvall’s is stocked in the exclusive Urban Retreat, Harrods and Shop the range below: