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Celeb Chat: Amal Fashanu

Model, TV presenter and now fashion designer, Amal Fashanu plans to have a busy 2013 and we chat to the lovely lady herself about her brand new range Black Heart Label.


Amal Fashanu Black Heart Label


1. Tell us about your new collection Black Heart Label?
The Black Heart Label collection is an artful contradiction between a non-caring attitude and having a heart of love. The label desires you to be urban, vibrant and edgy whilst retaining your love and compassion.

The collection is based on my love of simplicity and style with an added edgy and original look. Each t-shirt has been created encouraging individuals to express their own sense of style.

The Collection has a wide variety of choice and most t-shirts are daywear. This year’s collection is mostly based on primary colours with original designs including leather, studs and spikes.

I live in London and this is where I have attained my inspiration for this collection and its rock / punk vibe.

The collection has been designed to be affordable and comfortable.


2. Describe your signature style and how it influenced your range?
I would say my style is very classic and chic, although at times pretty edgy and over the top. Regardless of my style, I have a fascination for the colour black. Classy, elegant, chic….you can never go wrong with black!


3. What one item of clothing could you not live without?
I simply cannot live without a leather jacket! Summer or winter!


4. Which are your current favourite high street stores and why?
Topshop, American Apparel and H&M. Why? Because you can find everything you need to look a million dollars without having to actually spend it! I love high street stores. We can all enjoy fashion this way.


5. Who are your current favourite designers?
Katie Eary. Having said that one can never forget the legendary designers such as Karl Lagerfeld who is my ultimate favourite.



6. Who are your celebrity style icons?
Elle McPherson, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. They radiate style and are able to combine high street styling with high end fashion.



7. What was your biggest fashion disaster to date?
My biggest fashion disaster was when I wore a pair of YSL mega heels which were one size too big for me and I lost a shoe as I walked along the red carpet.



8. What’s the trend you’re most excited about for SS13?
For SS13 I would have to say I’m most excited about the combination of pattern and prints and taking it back to basics with the simplicity of black and white.



9. What’s the best fashion bargain you’ve ever purchased?
I purchased a pair of maxi vintage sunglasses from New York and thankfully I’ve never seen anyone else wearing the same pair!


10. Shoes or handbags?


11. Do you have a fashion statement you live by?
Less is more.