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Blogger of the Week: Sitting Pretty at My Desk

Meet Claire. She is one of our favourite recently discovered bloggers and we are thrilled to have her thoughts on fashion and trends. Have a read and check out her blog Sitting Pretty at My Desk



1.       Tell us about Sitting Pretty at My Desk. How did it all start?

I started Sitting Pretty a few years back whilst I was at uni as another place to gather research. I got bitten by the blogging bug and couldn’t stop!

2.       As a fashion blogger you have confidence with clothes. What are your failsafe style tips?

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Some of my favourite outfits have come from mixing and matching things I would have never thought about wearing together. For me, my failsafe items would be high waisted jeans or Disco Pants, with an oversized tee and heeled boots – simple and easy to wear. Always make sure you feel comfortable in your clothing, otherwise it will show!

3.       Name 3 wardrobe essentials which you cannot live without?

– My American Apparel Disco Pants as they go with literally everything, and suck you in at all the right places.

– A vintage men’s checked shirt that I wear alone, under jumpers, or open over tees. It’s really versatile and I always feel comfortable in it.

– Finally my faux leather skater skirt – the perfect balance between cute and grungy. This is my favourite item to dress up and down, and goes with so many different pieces.

4.       What was your favourite trend of AW12?

I loved the whole khaki and leather combo that was huge this Winter. I got a River ISland parka with leather sleeves that I practically lived in most of the season, and I don’t think the trend will be leaving us any time soon!

5.       Have you spotted any SS13 trends that you’re particularly looking forward to trying?

I’m keen to experiment with the monochrome trend, purely because it’s something that I don’t really wear a lot of. I love colours and pretty prints, so black and white in block prints will be a step out of my comfort zone, but it looks so classic and chic that I am willing to give it a go!

6.       Favourite celeb style and why?

I’m a big fan of Alexa Chung as she always looks so effortless in anything she wears. I also love Jameela Jamil, Fearne Cotton and Rita Ora as they all mix vintage fashion with high street names so well.

7.       Favourite designer and why?

At the moment it’s Mary Katrantzou. I love her ability to draw the most beautiful prints from the most mundane items. Her SS13 collection, inspired by money and holidays was one of my favourites. I always make sure I see her shows each season now, since she burst onto my radar with her Topshop collection.

8.       Any advice for aspiring bloggers on how to start a fashion or beauty blog?

I would say to go with your own ideas. Try not to do the same as anyone else. There are so many blogs out there so it is hard to get yours seen, but if you stick to being yourself and keep at it, yours will soon be recognised. Be patient with it all. I was writing to myself for nearly a year before anyone noticed me!

9.       Who are your favourite fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs to read?

I have a huge list! The ones I try to read first are A Little Bird Told Me, Ghost Parties, Mikteef, What Olivia Did and I Want You To Know. I could go on for hours!

10.   Lastly, if you had to ban one fashion item off the planet what would it be?

A lot of people would no doubt say Uggs, but I love digging my pair out in Winter, so for me it would have to be FAKE Uggs! The kind where the soles wear down and you see girls walking with their feet leaning inwards. Ugly AND bad for you!

Make sure you take a look at Sitting Pretty at My Desk if you’re looking for great new UK fashion blogs to follow.

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