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The Death and Rebirth of the Scrunchy


When we heard that the hellish 90s hair must-have the scrunchy was making a comeback we pretty much looked like this model with the question on our lips, ‘Are you serious?’

Believe it or not, the scrunchy was all over the Ashish SS13 catwalks and there are currently a frightening number of pricey Marc Jacobs scrunchies on the market.

Now, I’m all for 90s revival, I got properly into the 90s grunge trend of AW12. Give me a good camo jacket and some distressed denim, maybe a crop top and some Dr Martens and yes, I’m there but a scrunchy?


We all remember our favourites, mine was a pink feathered one no less and of course at Christmas, a makeshift tinsel scrunchy would adorn our school uniforms (that is until they were banned for being a ‘fire hazard’ – again, ‘Are you serious?’)

Scrunchies were all well and good when we were innocent children and seeing how many you could fit on your bun was a legitimate look but is it really for 2013?

Sometimes fashion goes too far (see below pic) is the scrunchy an example of this? Or will you be stocking up?


If you’re a brave fashion soldier you can get in on the act at Topshop with one of these delights. Will you be cashing in on the trend?