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BBC Comes Grovelling Back To Russell Brand

Russell-Brand-parties-at-Embassy-NightclubOh the irony. The BBC sack Russell Brand for ‘Sachs-gate’ and now they’re clambering up his arse again after the comedian appeared at Comic Relief’s Give It Up.

The funny man went down a storm with the crowd at Wembley Arena and was seen encouraging the crowd to get on the phone and donate.

Brand celebrated his triumph at the comedy gig by partying the night away at Embassy nightclub, where it was reported he had arranged for 20 women to join him at his table.

A source claimed, ‘There was seven women waiting for hours for him to turn up’. As soon as Russell turned up he was handing out pots of tea (random ey?) to his party and laying down rugs for people to smoke shisha – ever the gentlemanly host!

Embassy nightclub has long been a favourite of Russell Brand’s, back in 2008 the cheeky chappy was caught in the toilets with two semi-naked girls. No surprise there seeing as he’s a notorious ladies man.

Russell may not have changed with the ladies, but at least he’s back to his comedic best with the BBC. Just keep your mouth shut this time with the insults Brand.