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Blogger of the Week: Temporary Secretary

This is Sarah from Temporary Secretary. She tells us all about what made her start blogging and her personal fail-safe style tips. Be sure to check out her blog Temporary Secretary!



1.       Tell us about Temporary Secretary. How did it all start?

I started a jewellery and accessories business in 2008 and out of the long list, the brand name that I settled on was “Temporary:Secretary”. I started a blog to go along side it and naturally, I used the brand name. I got bored with updating my blog with jewellery updates and I figured that if I was bored writing it, then my readers must be switching off as well. In 2011, I changed the direction and used the blog as a hobby. I didn’t expect it to become anything other than a platform to write whatever I wanted to write about! It took off quite quickly and I now see the blog as a separate thing to the shop. I don’t use it to promote the shop, I’ve been there in the beginning and it got boring!  I wish I re-named the blog but it’s too late for that now as I have built it up to what it is under the name “Temporary:Secretary”


2.       As a fashion blogger you have confidence with clothes. What are your failsafe style tips?

I know what suits me but if I was to be told to wear a union jack bodycon dress, I’d probably panic. I’m confident with what suits me and my height. I’m 5ft 1 and stay well away from midi dresses, I love the look of them and they’re really elegant but it makes me look even shorter! My failsafe style tip is: a blazer works wonders! If I feel like having a lazy day and can’t be bothered to put much effort in to what I’m wearing, I’ll throw a blazer on to smarten it up.


3.       Name 3 wardrobe essentials which you cannot live without?

Classic black blazer, leather biker jacket and really thick tights!

4.       What was your favourite trend of AW12?

I really liked the Oxblood trend. It’s really bad to admit that I already don’t remember the AW 12 trends! All I can see right now is black and white stripes and pastel colours. I love the Summer and much prefer the S/S trends.


5.       Have you spotted any SS13 trends that you’re particularly looking forward to trying?

I love the bold monochrome stripes trend. I admired it from afar from their brief appearance last year and had wanted to try the stripy leggings but wasn’t brave enough. You’d think that it’d be quite easy to wear, it’s a two tone stripe, there’s nothing to it! I was rather wary of it as stripes don’t suit everyone and what with it being black and white, I didn’t want to look like a mime or cartoon burglar!


6.       Favourite celeb style and why?

Zooey Deschanel for her signature “adorkable” style. Not many can wear the girly and bright coloured outfits as well as she does. It’s a cute and playful style, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

7.       Favourite designer and why?

I have loved everything I have seen from Orla Kiely from the LFW coverage. The AW13 collection looks amazing, just the kind of style that I’m in to. I also love Elie Saab Couture collections. Lots of floaty fabrics, intricate detailing and pretty colours. So dreamy!


8.       Any advice for aspiring bloggers on how to start a fashion or beauty blog?

The content you put out there is entirely up to you – the blogging world is your oyster! – but my tip for you is to stick to a consistent format within your blog post. Just simple things like making sure all your photos are the same size, and keep your text in the same font. Your followers will find it easier to read and it just makes things easier for you when you’re putting blog posts together. I would also advise to get stuck in to the blog community, get to know each other by commenting on blogs and tweeting each other. Be social within social media!


9.       Who are your favourite fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogs to read?

The blogs I love at the moment are: Kim at, Caroline at and Alex at


10.   Lastly, if you had to ban one fashion item off the planet what would it be?

I’m not really sure! I would usually say Ugg Boots. I don’t have a pair BUT… I know they are very warm and comfy so I wouldn’t ban them if I could! I’ll go with stilettos this time, only because I have had both feet injured quite badly by stiletto heels. I was at a club and the song Jump Around (by House of Pain) came on and as you can imagine, there was a lot of jumping going on. Someone who was wearing very sharp heels jumped and landed right on my foot and a minute later, my friend did the same but to my other foot! It was all by accident and the alcohol consumption masked the pain at the time but I definitely felt it the next day!