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Does He Care About His Fans? Justin Bieber Offers Halfhearted Apology for his 02 Blunder


Since Justin Bieber’s ridiculously late arrival on stage at the O2 for his Believe tour last night, people have not stopped talking about the Bieb’s and his ‘brattish’ behaviour.

Young fans and their parents reported a 2 hour wait for the pop star, with his three support acts finishing long before he made it to the stage. Many parents claimed their children were left devastated after having to miss his show due to school the following day or having to rely on public transport to get home. Some were even left stranded because his show finished so late, starting at 10.35 – the time it was supposed to finish.

Bieber regularly makes a point of how much he loves his ‘Beliebers’ but this selfish behaviour begs the question – Does he really care about his fans at all?

It took until the following day for Justin to apologise to his disappointed fans, Tweeting ‘i was 40 min late to stage. there is no excuse for that and I apologize for anyone we upset. However it was a great show and Im proud of that’


He further claimed to be only 40 minutes late to stage due to ‘technical issues’ and blames the British media for exaggerating how long the crowd waited. However, the proof is in the pudding with dozens of fans taking to Twitter to vent their frustration and blogger Ellie Steadman of elliegracex who was working at the O2 wrote “Bieber was due on at 8.30pm. Nobody had a clue what was going on, it had been hours since the support acts, the audience were past the point of patient, there was a LOT of booing. I found it stressful having to try to help parents and sobbing kids, people were leaving because of how late it was.”

Evidently their is a lot of disagreement over how late Justin was and his halfhearted apology surely just cements that disappointment for fans. If Bieber really believes that there was ‘no excuse’ to be so late, why does he then go on to make excuses about it?


Many Beliebers are just children and too young to understand why their hero was nowhere to be seen. If Justin cared about his fans, why would he allow many to go home in floods of tears? Perhaps the 19 year old has forgotten that his fans are responsible for his massive success?

We think the Biebs needs to rethink his diva ways and remember who it is that got him where he is today.

Fans booing Bieber

  • 1DMixerUK

    I find it disgusting that he gave a half-hearted apology I think Bieber needs to think about how and who got him where he is today! He should be ashamed of himself