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Frankie Boyle Slams The Queen – ‘I Wish She’d Died!’

Disgusting Frankie Boyle launched a vile tirade on The Queen last night at Give It Up for Comic Relief.

The family show was left reeling after Boyle joked about Jimmy Saville, Oscar Pistorius and the Royal Family.


When ‘joking’ about The Queen Boyle said, ‘I wish she’d died – because they wouldn’t have been able to tell anyone. They would have had to hollow out her body into a suit and fill it with helium.’

As soon as he opened his trap the crowd booed at the inappropriate gags, and Boyle even had the cheek to joke about pedophilia when he said that ‘The BBC made Jimmy Saville wear jewellery so children could hear him coming…I thought the only way I’d end up back on the BBC would be if I started f***ing kids.’

We were left open mouthed when we heard the downright foul ‘jokes’. There’s being funny and then crossing the line completely.

Boyle is no stranger to controversy. He famously targeted Katie Price’s disabled son and commented on cancer victims raising money when he said, ‘What is it about people with cancer that suddenly makes them think they can run the f***ing marathon?’

His latest attack on the Royal Family will damage his reputation even more. The ‘comedian’ has cemented himself as a Grade A d**k for the past few years and his scathing attack on serious subjects will further nail the lid on his career coffin.