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Harry Styles in His Pants!!! (Read. Metallic Thong)


So it turns out Harry Styles has been the wild child of One Direction right from the beginning.

This picture of Harry sporting a metallic thong and showing off his chicken legs whilst ‘ironing’ some boxer shorts has just emerged but was in fact taken back in 2010 when he was on The X-factor.

According to The Mirror the One Direction star told them ‘My favourite party trick is to wear nothing but a gold thong in the house.’

Firstly, we think Harry needs to look up the definition of ‘party trick’ and secondly WHAT A JOKER!


Forever causing controversy, this picture of Harry topless appeared on Twitter this weekend and sent One Direction fans into a quivering frenzy.

Showing off his tattoos (did someone draw them on with a crayon?) he can be seen jesting with the cameraman whilst flashing his pigeon chest. Like any teenage boy, it seems Harry rather enjoys getting his kit off and we’re sure those little Directioners don’t mind.

It would seem newspapers are keen on finding every snap of Harry in his smalls EVER so, girls (or boys), if you’ve got any hanging around they’re likely to be worth something (although pre-16 Harry snaps would be illegal).