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Further Evidence Harry Style Is A Two Bit Love Rat Punk

Oh god Harry Styles is at it again. It’s been reported that Harry Styles had arranged a date with brunette model Millie Brady after the One Direction gig in Cardiff.

Millie had specifically travelled from Surrey to Cardiff to support Harry and his bandmates, and the pair had made plans to meet up at the club Kuku after the concert.


However, the gentlemanly Harry decided to stand up Millie after a change of heart about the model. Poor Millie was left wondering what she had done.

It was claimed Harry wanted an ‘early night’ and didn’t want to get involved in anything too serious with the model. Um first since when does Harry have an ‘early night’ and secondly why string the poor girl along?

Millie understandably is supposed to be feeling extremely let down, particularly as she had travelled all the way from London to be with Harry. Talk about a massive kick in the teeth for Millie, being strung along and dumped in Cardiff. How nice!

The pair first met through mutual pal Nick Grimshaw at a post-Brits party where they were seen ‘flirting up a storm’ and they arranged to meet up.

We reckon cut your losses whilst you can Millie, it’s only going to end in tears and a big fat ‘I told you so’ speech.