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Helen Flanagan Makes ANOTHER Twitter Error

Helen-Flanagan-tweets-support-for-PETAOh Helen. You have to hand it to the ex-Coronation Street actress for coming out with absolute gems.

Just this week the dizzy blonde was accused of promoting anorexia when she liked a ‘thinspiration’ (for all those that don’t understand the meaning of the word, it’s somebody who inspires you to get thin) picture on Instagram with the caption ‘Craving is only a feeling’.

Helen was accused of supporting eating disorders and she was quick to take to her Twitter page to explain her actions. ‘I’ve always been proud to hopefully be a curvy role model for young girls. I’ve always tried to portray that in my Instagram account’.

It’s not the first time Helen has put her foot in it. She was pictured with a gun shortly after the horrendous Newtown shootings in America, and again Helen had some serious damage control to do after angering followers for her lack of sensitivity.

Not content with making a couple of VERY bad Twitter mistakes, Helen seems to be at it again with another massive faux pas. After tweeting her support for PETA and the petition to stop cruelty against animals, Helen then stepped out with a designer leather bag completely contradicting her previous statement.


The girl just doesn’t know when to close her mouth. It’s a simple case of think before you speak Helen. Maybe she is just ridiculously ditzy? She seems perfectly innocent and has the best intentions, but somehow it just doesn’t translate well in the slightest.

We’ll wait with baited breath for her next slip up. We’re looking forward to it for the utter hilarity.