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Is Russell Crowe Showing His Mini Gladiator To Samantha Barks?

It’s the classic story of two co-stars hooking up and if rumours are to be believed, Samantha Barks and Russell Crowe have got together in real life.


The Les Mis co-stars have been spotted getting cosy with one another at awards parties, working out together (that old chestnut) and even having lunch together.

They claim they are just ‘good friends’ but we’ve heard that many a time before. An Australian magazine has said Samantha Barks has developed ‘a special relationship’ with the Aussie actor.

We reckon Russell Crowe has been showing his ‘mini’ gladiator to the ever so lucky Samantha Barks.

At a post-Oscars party, the pair were apparently inseparable and Samantha was seen giggling away at Russell’s jokes. According to onlookers Russell was loving every minute of the attention and we’re not surprised with the pretty brunette on his arm.

Russell’s father has even waded in on the supposed relationship by saying they are ‘simply friends’.

If they weren’t keeping the press guessing enough, the pair have been documenting their adventures via Twitter. Russell and Sam have both been keeping their followers in the loop with their gym routine, prompting press to speculate even more about their relationship.


Sam even uploaded a shot of the couple together behind the scenes of Les Mis. Needless to say she is staring at him adoringly while he grasps her hands. Is it just us or is this a really ‘friendly’ friendship?

Samantha has not shied away from declaring how she feels about the actor. In a previous interview she said, ‘We had the best time hanging out. It was awesome’.

Russell even cheekily tweeted just before the Oscars, ‘Last tech rehearsals for the Big O done….next up…showtime. @SamanthaBarks will be looking amazing tonight, worth tuning in just for that’. Saucy!

This is blatantly another ‘friendship’ which 100% will turn into a ‘relationship’ within the year. Watch out for the official announcement.