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Justin Bieber Turns Up Two Hours Late To Concert

Justin-Bieber-leaves-fans-waiting-for-two-hoursJustin Bieber left hundreds of fans disappointed last night after taking to the stage over two hours late. He made an appearance at 10:35pm, the time he was originally due to finish!

The majority of Justin Bieber’s fans are young kids and parents had no choice but to leave when he was a no show.

Pictures of the concert show front row seats (which are notoriously difficult to buy) completely empty where fans had to leave with tired children.

The singer was slated on Twitter for offering no apology or reason as to why he was late. Tweets included, ‘Justin Bieber is a brat’, ‘My 9 year old was sobbing and exhausted’, and ‘Justin Bieber should be ashamed of himself’.

It hasn’t been a good week for Justin and his erratic behaviour has caused concern with his fans. The star has been partying hard since he hit the UK a couple of weeks ago. It seems a day doesn’t go by when Justin isn’t pictured outside a club with a group of girls in tow.

The star celebrated his 19th birthday a couple of days ago in the capital, but the night ended badly when nightclub security kicked Justin and his entourage out. It was claimed that there were underage members in the club including Jaden Smith, which resulted in an argument.

Justin even tweeted his disgust saying ‘worst birthday’ after all the commotion. If that wasn’t enough the star has been pictured regularly with his top off and arse hanging out his jeans round London in the middle of the night. Doesn’t he realise he’s not in LA and it’s COLD!?


We reckon his split from Selena Gomez is finally catching up with the teenage heartthrob. Whilst Selena has kept herself busy with girlfriends, Justin has been out drinking with pals and apparently dating British girl Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke. The boy moves fast!

We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s suffering from exhaustion. Justin has been touring the UK solidly for the past couple of weeks and he is mobbed by crazy fans wherever he goes. It’s enough to leave us feeling drained and fed up.

Take a long holiday Biebs. You look like you need a bit of Sun if you’re parading round London topless. Get some rest, relax that pretty head of yours and you’ll be right as rain. Oh and next time don’t leave fans waiting for two hours. It’s never a good move!