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Kelly Brook & Holly Willoughby Kiss A Rubber Penis On Celebrity Juice

Kelly-Brook-Celebrity-Juice-kissing-a-rubber-penisKelly Brook made her debut on Celebrity Juice last night with an unexpected surprise…..kissing a rubber penis!!!

Keith Lemon was of course behind the hilarious stunt. Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook were sat opposite each other on a table, and were challenged to find a straw using only their mouths.

Of course it wasn’t that simple, with Keith taking away the pineapple holding the straw which resulted in the girls nearly giving each other a big fat kiss in front of the delighted audience.

Other items placed in front of the girls included a dead fish (barf) and a delightful rubber penis. What an entrance to the show!

Kell is never going to be the next Fearne Cotton, but we’re sure she’s going to provide A LOT of entertainment.