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Kim Kardashian Rushed To Hospital Over Miscarriage Fears

Kim-Kardashian-rushed-to-hospital-over-miscarriage-fearsKim Kardashian was rushed to hospital on Tuesday night after falling ill on a flight from Paris to LA.

The news emerged today that Kim Kardashian was left in tears after she thought she was suffering a miscarriage, shortly after landing at LAX.

The New York Post claims that Kim called friends ‘as soon as she landed from Paris’ and was ‘rushed to doctors in tears. She thought she was having a miscarriage.’

Kim reportedly spent the night at the doctors and was discharged the following morning when it was confirmed her baby was ok.

The mother-to-be has been warned to slow down with the exercise, as she has been working out up to seven times a week as she’s so scared of the extra pregnancy weight she is gaining. Kim-Kardashian-ups-the-gym-routine-with-pregnancy

A source claims Kim has been ‘working with TWO different trainers’ to combat any extra weight due to the pregnancy. A little extreme don’t you think!?

Kim’s also set to be upset with her changing bodyshape. The famous Kardashian has seen her boobs grow up to four cup sizes and her clothes reportedly do not fit her anymore.

We hope Kim feels better soon but has anybody told Kim this is what happens during pregnancy? Duh!