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Kimberley Walsh Tweets Rihanna-esque Smoking Picture


Kimberley Walsh, the usually sweet and innocent member of Girls Aloud shocked us yesterday with this picture of her smoking a suspicious looking cigarette.

More famous for her Strictly Come Dancing antics and voluptuous behind, Kimberley Walsh is not the type to cause controversy. So when this very Rihanna-esque picture of her smoking (and looking high as a kite) appeared on Twitter last night, we were shocked to our very cores!

Kimberley is currently in the middle of the Girls Aloud reunion tour and was obviously in need of some relaxation but we’re not sure posting pictures of yourself smoking for all your young fans to see is the best move.


Fortunately the cigarette in Kimberley’s hand is not of the illegal variety. In fact, it turns out she, and the rest of Girls Aloud, were smoking eShish – a ‘nicotine free shisha experience’. Both Cheryl and Nicola tweeted pictures to prove that they weren’t in the middle of an illegal high, just high on the essence of life!


The initial picture was, however, removed from Twitter shortly after it was Tweeted but it had already been re-tweeted hundreds of times.

Better to think before posting, eh Kimberley?