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Kylie Jenner & Jaden Smith Dating

Jaden-Smith-and-Kylie-Jenner-datingIt was only a matter of time before the Jenner sisters were spotted dating famous Hollywood offspring.

Kylie Jenner (the youngest sister in the Kardashian/Jenner clan) is reportedly dating son of Will Smith, Jaden Smith.

Jaden is currently in the UK to support Justin Bieber on his worldwide tour and Kylie Jenner just so happens to be in town as well.

Kylie was spotted attending Justin’s concert with Jaden and they went for dinner with Will Smith at swanky London restaurant Nobu, seemingly confirming they’re more than just friends.

Kylie has apparently known Jaden for years, but it’s only recently they’ve decided to take their relationship to the next level.

It wouldn’t surprise us if Kris Jenner was behind this latest celebrity pairing, as the notorious ‘power mom’ loves to get her children as much publicity as possible.


Responsible for her daughter’s careers, Kris has single handedly propelled her family into the limelight and generated millions of pounds.

Kris loves the drama of her daughter’s relationships on camera, so we’ll be fully expecting to see Jaden Smith in the new series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The Kendall sisters are fast becoming superstars thanks to Kris. Kendall is now a successful fashion model gracing the covers of various fashion magazines and Kylie is set to follow in her footsteps with a clothing range.

Kylie Jenner was previously linked to American singer Cody Simpson, but she claimed they were just ‘good friends’. That old chesnut!

We highly doubt Kylie and Jaden are going to last as a couple, but we are looking forward to the trials and tribulations of young love on camera. At least we can aww and coo over their cuteness for all of a couple of months.