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Pretty Little Things

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Louis Tomlinson Gets Another Rubbish Tattoo

Louis-Tomlinson-new-tattoo-cup-of-teaWhat is it with One Direction and shit tatts? This week is the turn of Louis Tomlinson to add some ink to his bod in the form of……a cup of tea!

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this god awful ‘ink’. Why on earth would you want a mug of tea on your arm? Is there a hidden meaning we don’t know about or does he enjoy being the laughing stock of the nation?

Worst of all it’s above the word ‘ooops’. Where can we get this absolutely immense artwork done?

However, Louis seemed to explain to his mass followers on Twitter what the cup of tea stands for, ‘You can’t go to bed…’ referencing One Direction’s song Little Things, which continues with the line, ‘without a cup of tea’. It all makes sense.

As much as these tattoos baffle us, bring on the next one that leaves us smacking our foreheads shouting, ‘WHY!?’