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Nicole Scherzinger Snubs Tulisa By Backing Sharon Osbourne’s Return To X Factor

Nicole-Scherzinger-backs-Sharon-Osbourne-on-X-FactorSTOP THE PRESS! Nicole Scherzinger has fully backed Sharon Osbourne to make a return to The X Factor over Scary Spice, Mel B.

Nicole was on the red carpet for Comic Relief’s Give It Up when she was cornered by reporters asking about her possible return to the ITV show.

Nicole didn’t directly say she was going to be back preferring to say, ‘We haven’t had the talks yet. You’ll know before I do I’m sure’.

When pressed further about Tulisa’s rumoured sacking, Nicole graciously said, ‘Oh I don’t know anything about that, but I’m sure she will do what is right for her’.

Nicole was then asked who would be the perfect Tulisa replacement, to which she replied, ‘I’m Team Sharon all the way. She’s a righteous mama!’

You heard it here first!