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One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Installs Panic Room At Home

Louis-Tomlinson-installs-panic-room-Eleanor-CalderLast week Harry Styles was hit in the crotch by a shoe thanks to a crazed fan, and this week Louis Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder was threatened by One Direction fans.

The boys have always had a crazy amount of attention from their ‘loyal’ fan base or ‘One Directioners’ as they like to be called, but it seems things have taken a sour turn with the band and their loved ones.

This week Eleanor Calder had received vicious death threats from obsessive One Direction fans, prompting Louis to take drastic action in their home. It’s been reported he’s shelled out £15,00o on a panic room in case any crazy fans try and break into his house.

Unfortunately for the One Direction lads, their female admirers like to send spiteful messages to anybody who is linked to the boys. When Liam Payne broke up with Danielle Peazer last year, the poor girl was inundated with DEATH THREATS!

If ever there was a case of crazy ass fans, it was the Caroline Flack furore after the Xtra Factor host dared to go out with Harry for a few months. She was branded a ‘cradle snatcher’ and an ‘old hag’ as well receiving vile threats from Harry Styles fan base.

It’s a wonder the One Direction boys risk having girlfriends with the threat of psychotic fans. Zayn Malik was left close to breaking point last month when it was revealed he had allegedly had an affair with a waitress behind his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards from Little Mix’s back.

According to a source he was left ‘disillusioned with fame’ following the allegations made against him.

Liam Payne has also reportedly been left fed up with all the drama with their fans. He hates the long distance from his girlfriend Danielle so much that he’s considering QUITTING the band to be with her.

Liam-Payne- Danielle-Peazer-death-threats

However, Liam quickly took to Twitter to confirm this wasn’t the case stating, ‘Thought I’ d let you know this latest story is b******* I love you guys so much I love this band they’re my best mates I ain’t going now werrr’.

It remains to be seen whether the band will stand much more of their disillusioned fans and their death threats towards their family and loved ones.

If it’s got to the point of Louis installing a panic room at his house, it’s not looking good for the future of the band.