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Rihanna Shows Off Skinny Frame At River Island Launch Party

Rihanna-shows-off-skinny-frame-at-River-Island-launchIt’s no secret that Rihanna has lost weight over the past few months, and she proved she’s still shrinking when she launched her debut collection at River Island last night.

The Barbados born singer worked the double denim look in a pair of slouchy, boyfriend jeans and crop tee which highlighted her miniscule waist. She later changed into a black jersey maxi dress and went braless, revealing how much weight she’s actually lost as there was not an inch of fat to pinch.

Rhi Rhi has come under massive scrutiny recently thanks to her reconciliation with Chris Brown and her heavy marijuana use. Some are saying her weight loss is down to all the stress the press have been putting her under, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case.

Not a day goes by when we don’t see Rihanna in the headlines and the pressure which she is under must be hard. In between countless Instagram pictures of Rihanna semi-naked or smoking a spliff it seems the singer has got some major issues.

You can’t blame her for losing weight when the world is judging her relationship with Chris Brown. It’s not only her fans who are concerned. It was reported recently her BFF Katy Perry wasn’t speaking to her after she took Chris Brown back. A friendship breakdown can be equally stressful, but according to Twitter the pair are now on speaking terms.

Her debut fashion range could be another factor to her losing weight. Many a pop star has tried and failed to launch a successful fashion line and she’s faced a lot of criticism through the design process.


The fashion world were skeptical when they first heard the news that Rihanna had teamed up with River Island for her first collection. Her fashion show at London Fashion Week was a huge success and seemed to turn opinions around, but the next hurdle to conquer will be sales.

Rihanna for River Island launched last night and the star will be hoping that her fans will flock to stores and snap up her bargain pieces.

We think Rihanna looks absolutely fantastic right now, but there’s no denying she’s lost her famous curves. Whatever the reason behind her dramatic weight loss, we hope to see Rhi Rhi strutting her stuff up on stage soon looking healthy.