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Taylor Swift Moves On With Ed Sheeran?

Taylor-Swift-Ed-Sheeran-datingUh oh watch out Ed Sheeran, serial dater Taylor Swift is coming for you.

It’s been reported the good friends have taken their relationship up a notch when Taylor was in town for the BRIT Awards.

The pair were rumoured to have spent the evening holed up in a hotel room until 4am. Now we know musicians like to jam to the early hours, but we’re not quite sure it was the musical ‘jamming’ they were getting up to.

Swifty is a notorious man eater and poor Ed Sheeran wouldn’t stand a chance if they were to go public with their romance. Taylor would eat him alive!

But Ed Sheeran may be full of surprises, as an onlooker claimed he looked ‘very pleased with himself’ after he left Taylor.

Maybe he isn’t the shy, quiet type we thought he is, the little scamp.

However, maybe he was just looking ridiculously smug because they really had been up chatting like the BFF’s that they are.

But we gotta admit, this is one relationship we’d definitely like to see!