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Taylor Swift Reveals Reason Behind Harry Styles Split

Taylor-Swift-speaks-to-Vanity-Fair-about-Harry-Styles-splitIt was one of the most talked about relationships ever, so when Swifty and Harry Styles split up we were more than a little heartbroken. Ok that’s a lie, but we really want Taylor to finally find the man of her dreams she often talks about.

Swifty opens up to US Vanity Fair and talks about the high-profile split from the One Direction heartthrob. She revealed he kissed ANOTHER girl at the very beginning of their relationship.

Taylor claimed she ‘felt like he was looking at every girl’. This doesn’t surprise us considering he’s a renowned lothario.

Harry’s constant partying and heavy flirting with girls took it’s toll on Taylor, and she was left feeling ‘insecure’. Harry’s on-off behaviour with his feelings for Swift also messed her up, especially when he reportedly text her with a picture of him kissing another female admirer!

Harry claimed it was just a ‘goodbye’ kiss, but friends of Taylor say that this wasn’t the case and it was a definite make out session. Taylor swiftly (excuse the pun) ended the romance, but that little critter Harry soon came crawling back for forgiveness.

According to Taylor’s representatives, the sources who claim to be ‘Taylor’s friends’ are completely false and all the reports are untrue.

Some of it may be lies, but we definitely think Harry sneaking about is true. We’re yet to see the One Direction star in a serious relationship. Three of his fellow bandmates are in long term relationships, whereas Harry likes to play the field big time!


We can totally imagine Harry doing the dirty behind Taylor’s back. Whatever the reason for their break-up, it’s safe to say they were an odd pairing. Taylor is a goody two shoes who is an absolute sweetheart, but appears to have massive commitment issues, and Harry is NEVER going to settle down.

It was always going to end in tragic heartbreak disaster, but we’re looking forward to who Taylor dates next to get back at Harry. You let a good girl go Styles!