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TOWIE News: Mario Refuses To Grovel To Lucy

Mario-Falcone-refuses-to-grovel-Lucy-Meck-TOWIEIt’s all kicking off in TOWIE. First Lauren Pope thought she was preggers with Kirk’s baby, then Lucy found out Mario had cheated on her AGAIN and now Mario is refusing to beg for Lucy’s forgiveness as he hasn’t done anything wrong.

The on again, off again couple have called time on their romance, which we reported last week, after it had emerged that Mario had apparently cheated on Lucy with a ‘Sugar Hut Honey’ called Amy (who just so happens to have joined the cast).

Lucy decided to move out and Mario cried his eyes out to his Mum. Dramatic or what!?

Last night’s episode saw Mario declare that he ‘refuses to grovel’ to Lucy when he hasn’t done anything wrong. He then used the example of ‘being charged with murder when you have not killed someone’ to the situation. I mean seriously!?

Lucy also admitted she ‘wasn’t sure’ if Mario had cheated, as there were so many rumours flying around.

So basically to sum it up, Mario didn’t cheat on Lucy, Lucy doesn’t believe him, Lucy and Mario still love each other and at some point they will get back together. Phew!