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Celebrity Fails This Week

It’s only Monday but the celebrity fails have already started rolling in this week. Whether it’s fashion fails, make up fails, posing fails or dancing fails, we’ve got it all.

Being photographed all the time is probably difficult to live with as a celeb, especially when their life choices end up splashed all over the media, but it also provides us with some much needed hilarity during the daily grind, so those poor celebs can go cry into their gold-plated pillows…


Hey, Helen! The 80s called. They want their questionable fashion back. Hey, Helen! My five year old self wants her play make up back. Hey, Helen! MC Hammer’s Mum wants her trousers back. Etc etc.

Seriously though, we couldn’t quite contain ourselves when we saw this gettup. As far as celebrity fashion fails go, this is up there. From the club Tropicana palazzo pants to the turquoise eyeshadow, everything is so very, very wrong.


Who is that in that rather crude position? I hear you cry. Why it’s Rihanna, of course! We know she’s all edgy and sexual and that but is there really any need to get down on all fours and shake your booty like a dirty dawg?

This is not a strip joint, Rihanna! What would her Mother say?!


We knew we recognised (just about) this startled trout pout, it’s only Emma Rigby aka Hannah offa Hollyoaks. Emma gives a clear lesson in how not to pose and why lip fillers are baaaaad news.

Emma is currently busy promoting her new US show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. We’re not sure what it’s about… in fact, all we can focus on is how much we want to stick her on a window.


Did nobody tell Rita to go before she went on stage?

Not only does Rita Ora appear to be letting one rip on stage, she’s chosen to do it in a jumpsuit that looks like a gremlin from the hit 1984 film, Gremlins.