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Robin Thicke Squeezes Fan-girl’s Bum, Gets Caught Out by a Mirror = Dirty Dawg


If there is a lesson  to be learnt by this photo of pervy old Robin Thicke squeezing some fan-girl’s arse, it’s to check the area for mirrors if you’re planning a sly grope.

The Blurred Lines singer has already caused controversy this week after his overtly sexual performance at the VMAs with Miley Cyrus but this latest escapade is a whole other kettle of bum-squeezing.

The ‘happily married’ singer can be seen  going in for, what can only be described as, a colonic exam style bum grab. His hand has almost disappeared he’s committing that much.

Is that his wife? I hear you wonder. Well no, actually, this is Lana Scolano, a New York socialite and most definitely not his wife, Paula Patton, who he has been with for 20 YEARS!


Since the 36 year old burst into our lives earlier this year with Blurred Lines, he’s been causing many a-tut. The Blurred Lines uncensored video featured Robin being fawned over by some naked women who were clearly many years his junior and his lyrics were also questioned as being pretty damn sexist. However, after his VMA performance with 20 year old Miley Cyrus lap dancing all over his junk and now this snap of him feeling up a young blonde, Mr Thicke has gone down somewhat in our estimation.

Watch his VMA performance here