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Harry Styles Wears Leopard Print to London Fashion Week


There’s metrosexual and then there’s just plain girly.

When Harry Styles rocked up to the Burberry London Fashion Week show in a leopard print top, we were a bit like this:


We like a man who can embrace his feminine side and we admire men’s fashion being mixed up but leopard print? We’re wondering if this is a set of man heels away from too far. In fact, it makes us think of this Friends episode…


The leopard print t-shirt is a Burberry Prorsum design and it’s not the first time Harry has been spotted in a girly Burberry print. Back in February, he was seen wearing their heart print shirt and a black version again last month for One Direction’s This Is Us premiere.

harry-styles-one-direction-fashion-style-clothes-leopard-print-top-lfw-london-fashion-week-burberry-prorsum-ross-friends-tow-birth-mother-heart-print-mens-criminal-damage-bank-t-shirt harry-styles-one-direction-fashion-style-clothes-leopard-print-top-lfw-london-fashion-week-burberry-prorsum-ross-friends-tow-birth-mother-heart-print-mens-criminal-damage-bank-t-shirt-topman-grey harry-styles-one-direction-fashion-style-clothes-leopard-print-top-lfw-london-fashion-week-burberry-prorsum-ross-friends-tow-birth-mother-heart-print-mens-criminal-damage-bank-t-shirt-topman-grey-professor-green-asos

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The Burberry heart print design has since been worn by Victoria Beckham and Elle Fanning cementing its cult celebrity status but we’re still undecided if heart print is for boys.

The same goes for leopard print, well, any animal print really.

Should animal print be left to the girls or is Harry paving the way for animal print equal rights?