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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Wear Matching Outfits As If They’re The Beckhams


Seriously, who do Kim and Kanye think they are? Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears circa 2001? David and Victoria Beckham in their 1999 leathers?

Usually when/if a couple come out of their respective dressing rooms dressed in similar attire (does that happen?) they would share a LOL and then rightfully one would offer to change into something different. However, Kim and Kanye think they’re above these unwritten rules.

Yes, it’s true, Justin, Britney and the Beckhams probably did go too far back in the day and yes, their matching ensembles were far more horrific but that was then and they have all since expressed their dismay over those outfits.


I suppose they’re not called Kimye for nothing but the rumours about Kanye dressing Kim aren’t going to go anywhere when they rock up wearing his and hers denim/white top/big coat outfits.

We can just picture it now, Kanye making eye-love to himself in the mirror, shouting things like ‘Dang! I look good’ when Kim comes in asking his fashion advice. Kanye wordlessly leads Kim to her closet, picking out identical (bar some rips and a change of moccasins) garments. Then, like a good five year old, Kim gets dressed and follows Kanye like a lamb onto the streets of New York.

Who wears the trousers in this relationship? Well both of them… matching trousers in fact.

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