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Harry Styles Dresses as Keith Richards For X-Factor Final


We know he’s in a boy band and is very likely to experiment with his look but seriously, what is up with Harry Styles recent look he wore for the 2013 X-factor final performance?

It wasn’t just Harry, the rest of the One Direction boys had dressed up like old rockers to sing their 12-year-old-girl-pop songs while a frightening amount of guy-liner made an appearance too. However, it was Harry who really stood out to us and we’re not sure why… oh right, it was the HEADBAND AND DANGLY CROSS EARRING.

In Louis Walsh’s words, Harry reminded us of a young Keith Richards. In fact, he looked like a Keith Richards, Mick Jagger hybrid which is not something that should ever exist.

X-factor super fan, Boy George Tweeted, ‘Harry looked like a young Keith Richards.’

Our sentiments exactly, George.

Before the One Direction fans get all ratty at their heroes being compared to old rock stars they’ve never heard of, just LOOK.


That is Harry in fifty years, mark my words!

What we’re confused about is why the One Direction lads didn’t pull Harry aside before going on stage for a quiet word about the bandana, not to mention the cross earring.

‘Harry, look, we’ve all come to an agreement and we think you should lose the headband. The world isn’t ready.’ – Is what could have been said.


Instead they let him waltz onto the stage and make a mockery of himself. It’s not on.

The One Direction boys performed their uber hit Midnight Memories before speaking with Dermot O’Leary about their excitement for Christmas and how they won’t be getting presents for each other.

Bit tight?

If it was up to us, we’d buy Harry a bin. For his headband to go in.

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