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It’s a fact, Justin Bieber is on the wane – Top 10 Bieber Fails

Justin Bieber Fans

Justin Bieber Fans

The world is losing interest in Justin Bieber – a great fact

It is a sad fact that Justin Bieber is a global phenomenon. Whilst we may not be fans, it is clear that we are in the minority. That being said, according to the world’s most powerful internet brand, he is on the wane.

Google is the dominant force when it comes to the search engine of choice for the people of the world. No matter what the age, you could be a teenager surfing from a bedroom, through to a granny having a blast on the web from a nursing home, everyone uses Google.

The same could be said of Justin Bieber’s dominance of the pop music industry. Fans of all ages and backgrounds seem to love the pint-sized warbler. As we say though, the facts don’t lie and interest in him appears to be on the wane.

Our research boffins took a look at how interest in Bieber has grown over the years according to stats shown by Google. The figures make for interesting reading. Compared to this time last year, and even the last month, searches for the term “Justin Bieber” are at a 12 month low.

Justin Bieber is on the wane according to Google

Justin Bieber is on the wane according to Google

The number of people searching for Justin Bieber related information has never been so low since back when his career was just taking off. As we said, Google is the number one search engine for the majority of the world so this must come as a massive shock to the Bieberati as we call them.

It would appear that Bieber’s popularity seemed to peak in January 2014, and then embarked upon a massive decline. Looking back into the media archives it is clear to see that he hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons in January 2014. In that month alone he was alleged to have been caught drink driving, assaulted a limo driver and engaging in some drag racing.

Could it be that all this negative publicity drove his fans interest away?

Maybe the parents of impressionable teenagers decided enough was enough and banned their kids from searching about him online. Easy enough to do given the amount of internet blocking tools now available to parents. Maybe the fans themselves, with many of them first liking Bieber for his clean cut image decided enough was enough and were no longer Beliebers.

Here we have our Top 10 moments of crazy by Justin Bieber

Not Best Friends

July 2014: Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom were never likely to be on each other’s Christmas card list after rumours of Bieber’s romantic involvement with the actor’s former wife Miranda Kerr, but a chance encounter in a restaurant on the island of Ibiza led to a very public showdown that was caught on camera.

Bloom unsurprisingly refused to shake the singer’s hand, leading to a rather unwise tit for tat insult from Bieber about the Victoria’s Secret star, a few raised fists and cheers from other diners when Bieber skulked away, tail between his legs.

One is Not Amused

May 2014: After an altercation with some guys at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park in the San Fernando Valley in California (an amusement park with an arcade and miniature golf, best described on the website as “…for kids of all ages,”) Justin Bieber allegedly tried to steal a bystander’s phone who he believed had photographed the whole affair.

His agent’s story that the flash kept distracting him while the young star played ball didn’t quite match the allegations of theft of the woman’s phone and purse; no charges were brought against Bieber who was vindicated by a Sherman Oaks’ employee who confirmed the story was baseless on call to TMZ Live.
The 17th Birthday Finger

March 2011: If you’re going to make a public statement about your relationship with the press then what better way to do than in front of a paparazzi photographer before you even hit the age when you can legally buy alcohol.

Unhappy to be snapped with on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez after a romantic stay at his £3,700 a night LA hotel, Bieber offered the photographer a cheery morning greeting that consisted of a raised middle finger and a colourful choice of vocabulary that in a Garfield cartoon would look a bit like this: *!#$$!.
Paparazzi Mayhem

July 2012: Those nasty paps have been responsible on more than one occasion for Mr Bieber brushing with the law, at least where driving is concerned. On this occasion he was ordered to the roadside after exceeding speeds of more than 80mph, which wasn’t quite the 100mph he hit after another pap-fuelled incident, though he bizarrely followed it up by telling the police officer that his name was ‘Johnson’ while wearing an outfit that wouldn’t be out of place in ‘Where’s Wally?’.

Apparently it was those aggressive photographers who forced him to step on the gas and drive like a maniac to escape them. So that’s all right then.

Of course, as he told Jimmy Fallon in February 2013, there is a much simpler explanation: “You know what, the police really like to pull me over. I don’t do anything, I promise.” (In which case we’ll overlook the marijuana stench left behind at the 19th birthday at London’s Cirque du Soir at which Bieber’s party was brought to an abrupt end.)
No Show at the O2

March 2013: When your fan base has an average age of 12 it’s important to bear in mind that being pre-teen has its disadvantages, such as having to go to bed on time when you are due to go to school the next morning. So when legions of children arrived at the O2 in London for an 8.30pm kick-off, they were naturally disappointed when, two hours later, their favourite pin-up hadn’t shown up, leading to hordes of upset kids being dragged home without hearing so much as Bieber’s feet grace the stage.

Hardly his finest hour, some argued that it showed incredible contempt towards the very people from whose hand he feeds. Mind you, their parents were probably breathing huge sighs of relief.
Say It With Showers

July 2013: Many will recall Michael Jackson’s slightly alarming behaviour back in 2002 when he dangled baby Blanket over a balcony on the 3rd floor of a Berlin hotel; the King of Pop later apologised claiming, “I got caught up in the excitement of the moment.”

Indeed. It would seem that Justin Bieber occasionally suffers from the same syndrome; in 2013 he posted a photograph on Instagram of elated fans in the street below his apartment and attached the caption: “I wake up this morning to this :0 Best fans in the world. #beliebers #sexyfans.” Moments later the not so elated, and probably no longer very sexy, fans were treated to a dollop load of spit unleashed over the edge of the balcony.
A Poor Eggsample

January 2014: New trouble brewed in the form of 20 eggs which Bieber allegedly chucked at his neighbour’s house in Calabasas, California. Some reports put the cost of repairs at a staggering $20,000 due to the damage to the plaster on the front of the property which meant the entire frontage would have to be re-plastered.

Those were certainly some eggs. Los Angeles police arrived at Bieber’s house the following day with a warrant to search the premises for evidence – in the form of eggs – though strangely the warrant didn’t go far enough to authorise officers to remove the two large cookie jars of marijuana found in the property.
Monkey Business

May 2013: More parallels with Michael Jackson in the form of a pet monkey, though instead of being a best friend this one was unceremoniously abandoned in Germany after Bieber arrived without the appropriate documents for the capuchin and she was impounded by customs officers. Mally, who had already courted controversy for her owner due to the fact that she was removed from her mother far earlier than is advised, quickly racked up bills extending to thousands of euros for the animal shelter tasked with her care while Bieber ummed and ahhhed about whether to keep her.

In the end the singer’s spokesman said that Bieber had decided not to collect Mally; the German authorities opted to rehome her. Mally was said to be delighted.
Caught Short

July 2013: Justin Bieber’s annus horribilis continued when a video was posted online of the singer being caught short when leaving a New York nightclub. Whereas most folk would head back inside to use the toilet, Bieber located the nearest useful receptacle – a yellow mop bucket in the kitchens – and relieved himself right there and then, much to the amusement of his entourage. Not such a pretty sight, pretty boy.

It Can’t be Avoided

August 2013: It wouldn’t be possible to end this tour of Bieber misdemeanours without mentioning allegations of a fight… So here’s one in 2013 yet again. Reports of fisticuffs, blood, shirt-ripping, more blood and much screaming came from the South Pointe nightclub in New York where Bieber’s security team were said to have been intimidating guests. Allegations that the singer “went nuts” were, of course, swiftly denied.


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