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10 examples that ginger men can be sexy

Ginger men tend to get a bad deal and they are often subjected to cruel jokes. However, the good news is that there are plenty of ginger hotties out there that are just waiting to set your hearts racing. If you have your doubts that ginger men can be hot, these guys might just change your mind.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Although this dashing actor dyed his hair black for roles such as Sherlock and Star Trek into Darkness, 37 year old Benedict Cumberbatch is actually a red head. This might account for the way he smoulders on stage and his smooth moves and deep voice are enough to make any girl swoon. In fact, his voice is so sex that many of us managed to stay away until the end of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug just to hear Benedict Cumberbatch as he provided the voice for the mighty gold and jewel hording dragon.


Michael Fassbender
The world has been going crazy for Michael Fassbender since he exploded on the screen to play the role of Lieutenant Archie Hicox in Inglorious Basterds. Michael Fassbender hails from Germany and the 36 year old actor has set his fair share of hearts on fire in his time. If you’re hot for Michael Fassbender, look out for him in films such as 12 Years a Slave, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Prometheus.


Rupert Grint
Even though he was just a kid when he first caught our eye in the Harry Potter films, more than a few of us developed a crush on Rupert Grint. As the awkward but loyal Ron Weasley Grint really shined. However, he quickly managed to cast off his boyish image by filming a soft sex scene in the film Driving Lessons. The good news ladies, is that Rupert Grint is now 25 and seems to be getting sexier by the day. Catch him in films like Charlie Countryman, Super Clyde and Into the White.

rupert grint

Ewan McGregor
Even though he played a heroin addict when he grabbed our attention in Trainspotting, there was no escaping the fact that beneath his emaciated exterior Ewan McGregor was a hotty. Now 42 years old, this Scottish actor has been in a wide range of hit films such as Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, A Life Less Ordinary and The Island, while in Moulin Rouge! he proved that he could sing and dance and broke quite a few hearts along the way. This is one man who’s kilt we would definitely like to take a peek under.


Michael C. Hall
While he may play detached and cold characters in television shows like Six Feet Under and Dexter, there is no escaping the fact that Michael C. Hall is red hot. With his smoking good looks there is no doubt that Michael C. Hall is our favourite psychopath and we wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to curl up with him at night. Catch him in Kill Your Darlings and Cold in July.


Jake Hold
This 24 year old model has definitely got it going on with his flame red hair and tattoos. His edgy look may not make him the perfect candidate to take home to meet the parents, but we wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with this Welsh model. Drool over him in the photographs taken by Thomas Knights as part of the Red Hot 100 exhibition.


Caleb Landry Jones
This 24 year old actor certainly brings out our bad side and has been a firm favourite ever since he appeared in Breaking Bad. Caleb Landry Jones has been heating up the pages of fashion magazines lately and can also be seen in films such as Low Down, God’s Pocket and Queen and Country.

Damian Lewis
This middle aged British actor is known for his sense of style and rugged good looks. Although he is best known for playing the part of Nick Brody in the television series Homeland, Damian Lewis can also be seen in Romeo & Juliet, The Silent Storm and Queen of the Desert.

Damian Lewis

Eddie Redmayne
With his liberal dash of red freckles on his face and his gorgeous red hair, this 32 year old actor simply sets fire to the screen. Some of Eddie Redmayne’s best known roles include My Week With Marilyn, Les Misérables and Theory of Everything where he played Stephen Hawkins, while we are eagerly awaiting his appearance in Jupiter Ascending.


Prince Harry
Whether he is embracing the British Army look or partying hard, Prince Harry is smoking hot. Not only is Prince Harry one of the heirs to the throne, he also has a bad boy street that is difficult to resist. After all, those naked Las Vegas pictures just don’t lie. Rumour has it that he has calmed down a little since becoming engaged, but we will always fondly remember Prince Harry as a wild child that we could never say no to. Hearts are sure to break around the world if he does finally clean up his image and tie the knot.