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Carrie Bradshaw what a woman – 10 times she got it right and wrong


Understandably, the team here at My Celebrity Fashion feel that we owe a lot to the legendary Miss Bradshaw. The fictional Sex and the City character, and all-round fashion icon, somehow managed to live an outrageously glamourous and stylish lifestyle on what seemed to be a relatively modest living allowance. (SHE WROTE ONE BLOODY COLUMN A WEEK FOR A NEWSPAPER, OWNED 40 PAIRS OF JIMMY CHOO SHOES AND LIVED IN A BROWNSTONE APARTMENT ON THE UPPER EAST SIDE? REALLY SCRIPTWRITERS? REALLY??)

Having said that, one of the reasons we all were, and remain to this day, completely obsessed with Carrie, is based on her ability to parade up and down the streets of Manhattan wearing whatever the hell she liked without being mocked, laughed at, shouted at or arrested for crimes against fashion.

That’s right people. I said it. CARRIE MADE BAD FASHION CHOICES.

Whilst the majority of the time she managed to look effortlessly chic and as though she had fallen straight out of the latest Vogue, when Carrie got it wrong, she got it REALLY REALLY wrong.

Yet isn’t this the exact reason that we all loved her so much? She wasn’t perfect, she made many mistakes with men (cheating on Aiden with Big and dating the weird old Russian artist?) she had no financial savings and she was always late to every interview, appointment and date she ever made. To put it in bluntly, she was just a regular gal like us (y’know, if we lived in New York City and drank cosmopolitans and vodka martinis every night with our rich banker boyfriends……)

So, in order to celebrate the legacy that Carrie Bradshaw has left behind, and to commemorate 10 years since the final episode of the classic TV series was aired on our screen, we have put together a little tribute to the great lady herself.

Not only have we compiled the 10 most fabulous Carrie ensembles to ever grace the streets of NYC, we have also delved into the archives to bring you the worst. After all, if Carrie Bradshaw can get an outfit wrong, then there is no shame in admitting you are still deeply haunted by that polka-dot poncho or those leopard print leggings that you once loved…

Top 10 Times Carrie Got it Right

10. From Paris, With Love

Yes she might have been stuck in Paris with a man who seriously under-appreciated her and deserted her on the streets of France to go and fanny around with light installations, but this outfit definitely bought a little ‘je nais se quoi’ to Carrie’s ill-fated euro-trip. The monochrome stripes, the massive flower protruding from her boobs- what’s NOT to j’adore?


9. Emerald Green With Envy

There is nothing that we don’t love about this Carrie outfit. The vintage Christian Dior dress teamed with the gladiator sandals and Carries favourite studded leather belt make for one of the most memorable moments of the first Sex and the City film.


8. It’s Not Just the Devil, Carrie Wears Prada Too!

Evidently, when one is travelling to a Brooklyn theatre to watch the opening night of their best friends boyfriends new play, it is customary to try and upstage everybody else with ones outfit choice, and that my friends, is exactly what Carrie did here in this divine chocolate-coloured  Prada number.


7. The Bride Wore Westwood

The oh-so stylish combination of Carrie Bradshaw and Vivienne Westwood equates to a fashion match made in heaven. No wonder she ditched her boring cream suit in favour of this stunning bridal gown for her (albeit doomed) first wedding to Big.


6. Too Much Is Never Enough

Carrie Bradshaw and ‘understated’ are not two things we would typically associate with Sex and the City, and what more perfect an outfit than this stunning Oscar De La Renta number to demonstrate her total lack of subtlety?


5. When At Sea, Embrace the Navy 

If you are going to be stuck on a boat party all night with nothing but free champagne and the man who has previously broken your heart to keep you company, then you might as well look good in the process. This timeless and beautiful plunging navy dress was definitely one of our favourite outfits during the early seasons of SATC.


4. Cool as Ice Carrie 

Pretty sure that if we were on an ice skating date with our 25-year-old bisexual lover, we’d be attempting to pull off this incredibly sexy and chic Marni dress as well. Unfortunately for us, our lack of balance and aversion to cold weather would render this particular Carrie outfit a definite no-no.


3. It’s All About The Shoes 

Whilst every element in this Carrie creation is a clear winner, one thing in particular stands out for us, THE SHOES. These stunning Christian Laboutin heels are so special that Miranda’s unborn child decides to break his mother’s waters whilst she is standing directly over the shoes so he can claim them for his own!


2. Pretty in HOT Pink

Whilst he was clearly wrong for her in so many ways, one of the benefits of dating the old Russian artist was that he could use his connections to hook Carrie up with the BEST designer clothes, a fine example being this amazing hot pink Oscar De La Renta dress. One of our favourite scenes of season six involves the couple slow-dancing in these outfits whilst stood in line at a busy McDonalds restaurant!


1.The ALL-TIME  Carrie Classic 

Yes it’s unusual and yes not everyone could pull a baby pink tutu dress off. In fact, very few could pull it off. Yet this outfit is so synonymous with the style legacy that Miss Bradshaw has left behind that this list really wouldn’t have been worth compiling unless it was awarded the top spot!


Top 10 Times Carrie Got It Wrong

You’ve seen her at what we think is her best, now gear yourself up for some of Carrie B’s WORST crimes against fashion.

10. Stop Showing Off Carrie! 

Take an important lesson from Carries mistake, we don’t care how fit you are, or how toned and perfectly defined your tiny waist is, there is simply no excuse for a long-sleeved crop top.  The mismatched bum bag and stripy skirt really don’t do her any favours here either!


9. Try To Always Wear Trousers in Public

She might have been taking part in a charity fashion show and persuaded to wear this by the bigwigs at Dolce and Gabbana, but Carrie really should’ve thought twice before decided to LITERALLY bare all to a room full of the most well-connected people in Manhattan. The fact she also trips and falls flat on her face? Well that’s just bad luck.


8. Bed Sheets Are NOT Fashion Statements

Ok, so even if Sarah Jessica Parker WAS heavily pregnant during the filming of the episode, this horrific attempt to cover up her baby bump is one that we simply cannot ignore. It almost looks as though she woke up that morning, draped her bed linen around her and thought ‘Meh, that’ll do!’


7. Read All About It! 

It almost caused us physical pain that the producers of Sex and the City thought this John Galliano dress suited Carrie once during the TV series, but the fact they made her wear it AGAIN during the second SATC movie is quite literally unforgiveable.


6. Do I Look Fat In This?

This crazy ensemble brings a completely new meaning to the phrase ‘take your head out of the clouds’, because that is EXACTLY what Carrie should’ve done before she left her apartment looking like this. In addition, as if the weird, floatly, cloud-like material was not bad enough, the blue and purple do not complement each other at all.


5. Colour-Me Carrie

It’s somewhat ironic that this episode featured Carrie dating an immature comic-book writer and reliving her youth through video games and scooters, as this outfit reminds us of a kids vomit after they’ve eaten too much ice-cream. Also, the blue bandana? WTF is up with that Carrie?


4. Less Can Sometimes Be More 

This fashion choice infuriates us on two levels. Firstly, Carrie looks like a seven-year-old girl who has raided her grandmother’s jewellery box and proceeded to put on everything it contains in one go. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it is during this episode that Carrie decides to bullshit to her friends and tell them that the reason she is wearing Aiden’s engagement ring around her neck instead of on her finger is because that way it’s ‘closer to her heart’.  LIES.


3.Cowgirl Carrie 

There is probably no worse a time to run into your ex-boyfriend (and potential love of your life) kissing his new 27-year-old girlfriend than whilst wearing a tiny boob tube and red cowboy hat. Then again, when is there a good time for that situation? We feel for you and your epic fashion fail Carrie!


2. Oh Hell Nay

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is the time Carrie decided that a skirt made of carpet material and a horse-shaped purse was both justifiable fashion choices.


1. Indecisive Carrie

You know how sometimes you have those days when you leave the house and you can’t decide whether you’d rather go and help out on a local farm OR whether it might be more fun to rock up to classic 70’s discotheque so you  decide to dress for both occasions at the same time? Yep….so does Carrie Bradshaw.