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The creepiest new A-Lister Fashion Trend – See through lace tops and dresses exposing underwear on the red carpet


All the big-name celebrities are being papped on the red carpet flashing their underwear. No, they haven’t forgotten to put their clothes on or found themselves getting dressed in the dark, it’s actually the latest Autumn fashion trend that seems to be spreading like wildfire.

Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence and Rita Ora are amongst many gorgeous celebrities partaking in the fashion trend of wearing sheer, lace and entirely see-through trousers, skirts and dresses, showing off their perfectly toned legs and their pert bottoms, leaving very little to the imagination.

Would you dare to wear sheer, or do you find it just a tad too creepy for a night out with the girls, or date night with your loved one? Take a look at the below examples before you go dismissing the trend. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


Kim Kardashian turned up to the GQ Man of the Year Awards in a fantastic ensemble that perfectly complimented her hour glass figure, with a sheer skirt that gave just a cheeky hint at what was underneath (although, let’s be fair – it’s nothing she hasn’t shown off before with her famous belfies).

Kim Kardashian See through outfit


Rita Ora attended the CR Fashion Book Issue N.5 launch last month, amongst an extensive celebrity line-up, and made sure that many heads turned her way. She’s taken the trend and given it her own twist, with a seemingly metallic skirt and a flattering white blouse, with matching white underwear so that it looks like an all-in-one.




Cara Delevingne has never been one to shy away from experimenting with her clothes – we suppose that’s a quirk you need to have when you’re one of the world’s most recognised models, constantly being given clothes to wear and told how to wear them. Whilst her top wasn’t see through, it did leave little to the imagination, but the stripes are working for us and we can see these trousers becoming very popular with both high-street and designer stores.



Miley Cyrus is another one to stay ahead of trends, create them or give them a Cyrus-twist; basically she’s not afraid to be different and doesn’t really care what any of us think of it. With her own twist on sheer trousers, she’s chosen to go with trousers that have a sheer panel, positioned so that she can’t wear underwear (or that it’ll be on show), so she’s chosen to go without and give the world something to talk about. And boy, did we. We salute Miley and her sheer trousers.




Kristen Stewart has been ahead of the trend for a few years now, and was photographed at the world premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in Los Angeles back in 2012. Her Zuhair Murad dress has a corseted top with a flowy, see-through skirt and, interestingly, from a distance you wouldn’t be able to tell that her pins were out on show.



When Julianne Hough wore this dress to the Emmy’s, the world debated whether she was skinny or sexy – but what’s clear for everyone to see is that she looked a million dollars in the Jenny Packham masterpiece. The top of the dress hugged her figure in all the right places, showing off her toned arms, whilst the sheer skirt flowed and flaunting her toned legs for all to see.



Some celebrities, however, have chosen to put themselves fully out on the line and have been spotted wearing entirely see-through dresses. Whilst they’re all gorgeous (yes, some may be questionable), it does make you wonder what their parents initial reaction would have been.

Take Alexandra Burke for example. She chose to wear a sheer dress to the recent 2014 MOBO’s with ultra high fit pants underneath and gorgeous detailing that covered her modesty and allowed her to go bra-free. With Alexandra having dropped off the radar for a short while, it’s nice to see her back on the red carpet and keeping on trend.



At the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Premiere in November, JLaw wore a sheer dress with a black bodysuit underneath to keep her modesty in check, whilst the skirt of the dress was so big that it also gave additional cover from various angles. JLaw wore this dress whilst debuting her new pixie but hairstyle, therefore gave the fans plenty to talk about and be jealous of.


Age is just a number

It’s not just the younger celebrities jumping on to the trend. Last month, at the launch of her CR Fashion Book Issue N.5, former Vogue editor Carine Roitfield also wore an embroidered lace skirt, flashing her beautifully toned legs. You’d never think that she was 60. It just goes to show that as long as you keep your body in a good condition, and have the confidence to be daring with your outfit choices, you too can pull off this trend, no matter what your age.



If it’s a trend that you’re considering attempting yourself, go with a style that suits your body type and your level of confidence – it would be pointless to attempt an entirely see-through or sheer dress if you aren’t OK with people gawping at your body and your underwear for the duration. Also, consider the event that you’re attending – sometimes it’s better to go slightly low-key with a sheer skirt, giving a cheeky hint of what’s underneath, than showing the world what you’ve got to offer.

One tip that you should definitely bear in mind is: don’t forget your underwear (unless you’re ‘doing a Miley’). We’re sure you remember that time Lady Victoria Harvey left her pants at home with her jaw-dropping dress at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. Then there were the numerous occasions when celebrities who weren’t wearing sheer clothing left their pants at home and got caught out, including the fabulous Iggy Azalea. You want to leave something to the imagination.