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Top 15 Autumn Winter 2014 Women’s Gilets – Jack Wills, Crew Clothing, North Face, House of Fraser!


Although we are still enjoying the last days of balmy summer weather, it is no secret that autumn and winter will soon be upon us. Thanks to a handful of some of the most fashionable gilets on the market, women can expect to enjoy a sense of style and comfort this year. So, let us have a quick look at what many consider to be the top picks for late 2014 gilets. Indeed, the countless designs are perhaps only superseded by their functionality.


The first gilet in our lineup is the Pembroke model designed by Boden. This cozy accent is available in two pastel plaid patterns which are ideal to compliment the autumn colours or a solid navy version for the stark months of winter. Either way, women can expect to stay warm and stylish with this design. Although the visual attractiveness of the Pembroke line is clear, this model is also extremely durable; offering years of continued use to the wearer. At £129.00 from Boden’s website it is at the more expensive range of our picks, but well worth it!


For girls and women who are seeking a bit of added protection, Boden also offers a padded gilet that boasts a warm fleece lining as well as a retractable hood. As this model can be placed over a light jacket, it is perfect for those colder autumn and winter days when layering is important. It navy blue hue allows for a perfect blend with most other colours while an understated appeal will never detract from one’s ensemble. We have been a bit cheeky with this one and picked a girls gilet as it is much cheaper than the adult versions but one of the fashion team gave us this tip as this is what she has! At £55.00 from the Boden Website, this is a real Autumn Winter 2014 bargain!

girls boden gilet


Joules offers a wide selection of gilets and one of the most trending is their Deep Pink Hartland model. Both practical, affordable at just £29.99 and also stylish, a fleece liner, zip pockets and a curved hem combine functionality with sheer visual appeal. A deep pink colour will allow any woman to stand out while remaining remarkably warm. As this model is suited for both indoor and outdoor use, one can expect to enjoy years of functional warmth when selecting such a quality gilet.

Joules Deep Pink Gilet

Another excellent option is the Marine Navy model manufactured by Burghley. As this gilet is slightly thinner, it can be worn underneath a jacket without feeling overly obtrusive. Or, a woman can wear it around the home or office without worrying about an overly bulky feel. Its quilted design is quite attractive and as it is also embroidered in gold stitching, this choice is also a perfect gilet for those with a keen eye for fashion. At just £34.95 in the current sale, it is a true bargain that looks far more expensive.

marine joules gilet

Crew Clothing

For those who enjoy the synergy of function and impeccable design, a reversible Gilet offered by Crew Clothing should not be missed. As it is filled with feathers and duck down, the level of warmth that is provided is unbeatable. It is also reversible and can display colours of either navy blue or a soft pink. So, this model is great for wearing on bonfire night and indeed whenever a chill in the air may be present. On the rare occasion that one side gets a bit wet, its reversible function will offer an extra level of warmth. This is one of the best quality yet super affordable gilet’s that we found, at just £65.99 it is a top draw pick.


Women who wish to experience a timeless appearance will be fully satisfied with the Crew Classic gilet provided by Crew Clothing. Horizontal stitching, durable pockets and an extra-thick down lining are great when taking the kids trick-or-treating while this designer jacket is just as desirable when walking to the office on a brisk autumn morning. As a down gilet will offer the utmost levels of warmth, even colder times of the year can be thwarted with such a design. This lightweight model is available in navy blue and is a real winner at £55.00.


Jack Wills

When it comes to some of the finest ladies’ gilets in the market, many prefer to browse the selection offered by Jack Willis. One of their most popular styles for this autumn is their Shipley Gilet. As opposed to monotone colours, this design features a plaid pattern with hues of dark cherry and navy. So, it is perfect for those wising to accentuate the season and add a bit of “spark” to what may otherwise appear to be a cloudy or dreary day.  At this time, right now it is available from Jack Wills for a staggeringly low £44.00! Additionally, this gilet is highly functional. Boasting a fur-rimmed collar and a lining comprised of pure cotton, women can expect to enjoy comfort in warmth and style this season.


While plaid is always welcome, there may be some women who wish to exude a classical appeal when out and about. As a solid tone can seamlessly blend with most other styles, such a choice will make a great Christmas present for a friend or loved one. A perfect example of this simplicity can be seen in the navy blue version of the Shipley gilet that is £69.50.  While there are slight dark cherry accents on the fur hood, these will never overpower the overall solid appeal of this model. As with all gilets offered by Jack Willis, this model is able to be washed normally and dry cleaning is an additional choice.

shipley-gilet-navy jack wills

House of Fraser

When speaking of a singular style and a punctuated presence within any environment, the Biba Blue faux fur zip gilet from House of Fraser should certainly be at the top of the list. This gorgeous model is available in midnight blue and a gold zipper adds a bit of flair to what is already a stunning piece. Still, we should not forget that this model is also highly functional; its thick lining and faux fur coat will help to keep in warmth during even the coldest of days. This designer gilet also offers the perfect texture, two front pockets and an elastic waist. It is currently reduced at House of Fraser from £100 to £79. Women who are in search of a functional piece while wishing to accentuate their bodies should find this model particularly interesting.

biba-blue-house of fraser

Another ideal choice provided by House of Fraser is the Lauren Woman Quilted gilet jacket. Displaying a solid navy blue colour to accentuate the autumn air, this gilet is equipped with a zip-up funnel neck for extra warmth as well as two large front pockets. This is one of the more pricey gilet’s from House of Fraser at £145.00 but we think it is worth every penny! As this exhibits a rather understated appeal, it is great for dropping the kids off at school, working in the garden or simply lounging around the house on a chilly Sunday morning. By employing a combination of zippers and buttons, the wearer can rest assured that she will remain cozy and warm on even the coldest of days.


John Lewis

If you are searching for the quintessential gilet, the body-warmer that launched a thousand other body-warmers then it has to be the North Face Women’s Nuptse 2 Gilet. North Face put gilet’s on the map thanks to their stylish looks yet professional quality and capabilities. No bonfire scene is complete without a North FAce gilet on display. This is the gilet that oozes clash but is not too in your face. For us, the North Face Nuptse gilet is the pick of the bunch especially as it is only £99.00


On the other end of the spectrum, we will encounter a truly luxurious women’s gilet. The Mint Velvet mixed faux fur gilet designed by John Lewis represents the pinnacle of both form and function. Its navy blue hue provides a timeless appeal and a faux fur collar further accentuates what can only be called a uniquely stunning appearance. Zip-up pockets and a detailed buckle over the waistline further imbue a sense of originality to this piece. Such accessories have allowed this style to be perfectly suited for a day at the office or a relaxing evening at home in the presence of friends and family. Of course, warmth is all but guaranteed for the woman who desires this gilet. The Mint Velvet Gilet is available from John Lewis for £109.00.



The Regatta Missy black body warmer sold through Debenhams is one of the most appealing women’s quilted gilets on the market. For those who need to enjoy the utmost levels of warmth on cold and windy days, this design is the one and only choice. Coated with a durable outer fabric and including what is known as Thermo-Guard insulation, any woman can rest assured in the knowledge that the outside chill will never be felt. Two thick frontal pockets, water-repellant cotton and stud fasteners all allow this model to be both durable and stylish at the same time. At just £20.00 it is a big brand name at a rock bottom price.


Although warmth may be a priority for some, style is queen for others. Thankfully, modern manufacturers will enable the woman to choose either quality. In this case, the RJR. John Rocha designer grey faux fur gilet is a truly immaculate choice. The faux fur provides a unique textured effect that is rarely seen in other gilets. In fact, some may even mistake the outer layer for real fur! This gilet by John Rocha at Debenhams is a real steal at £47.50. Cleverly hidden “popper” fastenings add to its durability while a cozy collar will provide the utmost levels of warmth and coziness. This design is a great choice for any woman who wishes to make a lasting impression while simultaneously remaining comfortable.


A final selection to be enjoyed through Debenhams is the Tog 24 Storm Faro TCZ soft-shell gilet. It is likely that, at just £29 this is one of the most functional yet value for money gilets currently available and it is ideal for those who enjoy experiencing the great outdoors. Any women who is planning on taking long walks or hikes in the months ahead will benefit from its numerous qualities. This gilet is wind resistant, waterproof and breathable. An ergonomic shape allows for unsurpassed mobility and as it is quite lightweight, even the most arduous walks can be accomplished with ease. Deep pockets allow for extra storage capacity while a hood can be added or removed as may be needed. So, this model is indeed a second-to-none choice for the active woman in today’s world.


So, these are what many consider to be the top sixteen choices for gilets during the upcoming months. As each design offers its own unique aesthetics, functionality and visual appeal, there is indeed a style for every woman. As all of these models are rather amenably priced, even limited budgets can be accommodated. So, it appears that the latter half of 2014 will very much be punctuated by comfort and luxury for countless discerning females.