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10 Truffle Shuffle T-Shirts You Should Be Wearing Right Now


The Truffle Shuffle isn’t just that epic scene from The Goonies when Chunk belly rolls like a professional, uh… belly roller.  It’s also a frickin’ awesome online retailer that specialises in retro t-shirts and paraphernalia that’ll let you re-live your childhood.

We’ve ransacked the site and picked our 10 favourite tees. So, whether you’re going to add them to your Christmas list or splurge a bit and treat yourself right now, here are the ten Truffle Shuffle  t-shirts that we think you need to get in your lives. Like, now.

The best part? If you buy any of these ten, you’ll have change from a twenty pound note.

Yellow Despicable Me Dave Minion T-Shirt – £14.99

If you’ve got big ambitions to steal the moon like the great Gru in Despicable Me, you’ll need to channel your inner Minion. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to paint yourself yellow and wear some funky goggles, because you can just throw on this super cute tee and assume the role of mastermind criminal assistant instantly. It’s £14.99 and would look dreamy with some skinny jeans and Converse kicks. Oh, and this isn’t just any old Minion emblazoned across the front… it’s Dave, the real star of the movies.


Coca Cola Holidays Are Coming Christmas T-Shirt – £19.99

If you thought I’d manage to get to the bottom of this post without mentioning Christmas again, that was wishful thinking. Your festive shopping days are numbered now my friends and a little birdie told me there are only six Saturdays left until the big day (consider this your first warning). The John Lewis advert has arrived, the wonderfully tacky Christmas jumpers have made their annual debut in shops up and down the country and most of us have already bought and consumed ten advent calendars. No? Just me then? Get in the Christmas spirit with this t-shirt, featuring the iconic Coco Cola Santa Clause and lorry. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming…


I Love Daryl Walking Dead T-Shirt – £18.99

If you don’t watch The Walking Dead, we probably couldn’t be friends. Literally, there’d be nothing for us to talk about. Give it a chance though and we’d reconsider. If you are a fan of the post apocalyptic zombie horror show however, you’ve no doubt got a bit of a soft spot for the crossbow-wielding, secretly sensitive redneck that is Daryl Dixon. Proclaim your love for him with this slightly creepy tee. Halloween may be over for another year, but our love for The Walking Dead will live on. Forever. And ever.


Saved By The Bell Bayside Tigers Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt – £19.99

If you grew up watching Saved By The Bell, wishing you had friends like Screech (to copy his homework), Kelly (to share clothes with), Jessie (for her wisdom) and Zak and Slater (because, well, they were both easy on the eye), this t-shirt is for you. Pretend you’re one of the gang and show your appreciation for the fictional high school’s football team. American football chic has never been as popular as it is right now.


Harry Potter Gryffindor Team Quidditch T-Shirt – £19.99

If witches and wizards are more your thang than cheerleaders and jocks, ditch Bayside High for Hogwarts. Magic is always on-trend and we’re team Gryffindor all the way. If you’re more into black magic, a Slytherin tee is also available, along with one for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. There’s always a chance Harry Potter could return to our screens for another film, but in the meantime this t-shirt will help you keep your love of wizardly goings-on alive.


Cinderella A Dream Is A Wish Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt – £19.99

You’re never too old for Disney princess couture (unless your idea of that is wrapping a curtain around you whilst wearing heels that are ten sizes too big… like when you were four). This t-shirt comes complete with one of the most famous quotes from any of the Disney princess movies, so you can feel like you’re in a fairytale of your own. Slogan-tees are where it’s at right now, so make this one top of your wish list.


Glitter Print Let It Go Heather Scoop Neck T-Shirt – £19.99

The whole word has gone Frozen-mad. If you haven’t heard at least somebody humming the tune to ‘Let It Go’, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock for the past few months. Yes it’s irritating, but my oh my it’s catchy. So, if you’re a bigger fan of Elsa and Anna than Cinders, this one’s probably more up your street.


Little Miss Sunshine T-Shirt – £14.99

Nothing screams nostalgia louder than the Little Miss and Mr Men illustrations by the legend that is Roger Hargreaves. Who was your favourite? Mr Tickle? Little Miss Bossy? Personally, I’ve always had a certain affinity with Mr Bump (no, seriously, zero special awareness and an uncanny ability to fall over air). Little Miss Sunshine is always a safe bet though and you’re bound to be instantly happy when you throw this tee on.


You Can’t Sit With Us Mean Girl Slogan Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt – £19.99 

Channel your inner mean girl with this simplistic slogan tee. If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what it’s all about. If you haven’t, allow us to explain. Mean Girls is an absolute classic of a film that developed a cult following. Lindsay Lohan starred as a previously homeschooled teen trying to settle in to public high school life, where a cliquey group (the ‘Plastics’) rule the roost. So, you can guess where this quote came from, along with other classics like ‘On Wednesday we were pink’. The cast recently reunited to mark the 10th anniversary of the film. So fetch!


As we’re all about celebrity fashion here, you should probably know that Rihanna, Ashley Tisdale and the one and only Cara Delevingne have all proudly rocked this slogan at some point. If that’s not a reason to buy it, we don’t know what is.

Big Bang Theory Bazinga T-Shirt – £14.99 

Don’t spend another day weeping about the fact that you don’t have a Sheldon Cooper in your life. The loveable geek from the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory made this catchphrase famous (for those of you wanting to act ‘in the know’, it’s derived from the word “zing”, which means to fool somebody). So, next time you pull off the prank of all pranks, just drop a “Bazinga” into the conversation afterwards (preferably whilst wearing this t-shirt). Super cool. The epitome of geek-chic.


There. Have we given you everything you could have asked for and more when it comes to TV and film inspired t-shirts? You can even get all matchy matchy with your other half, because Truffle Shuffle has loads of men’s t-shirts and hoodies too. Enjoy!