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14 November – Weekly Celebrity Instagram Stalking feat Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Naomi Campbell, Drew Barrymore,


This week seems to have brought with it a whole wave of warm Christmas fuzzies in the MCF office (alongside the obligatory cries of ‘It’s NOVEMBER’ from the scrooges among us). The adverts are on our screens, the Christmas lights line the streets and, surely but slowly, more and more Christmas shopping parcels have started arriving at the office. So, has the celeb world been reaping in the festive cheer like us normal people? Or are they still too caught up in the glitz, glamour and parties to even know what month it is? And, finally, has Kimmy K broken the internet yet? Let’s hope not! Here’s the Instagram highlights of the week…

1.       Lydia Bright @lydiabright

There was no contest for the first spot this week; Christmas wins out every time. Lydia is one of our fave reality stars, with a genuinely pretty cool fashion range compared to some of the other standard celebrity fare. She’s rocking the leather pencil skirt trend in this picture. Hats off to you, Lydia, this is another outfit to add to our winter wishlists!

Lydia Bright Instagram

2.       Mark Vandelli @markvandelli

From one reality star to another, Mark Vandelli is pure chic on the complete opposite side of the scale to our trendy girl-next-door, Lydia. Mark is the epitome of old money glamour and one of the main attractions that draws the audience to gawp at the lavish lifestyles on display in Made in Chelsea every week; his mother was, after all, a famous muse of one of the most elite designers in the world. Fashion kudos to those that know which one (without googling!). We wake up encrusted in mascara remnants half tangled in dog-eared pjs; this is how the other half wake up, four poster bed and all.

Mark Vandelli Instagram

3.       Professor Green @professorgreen

The warm fuzzies of the festive season haven’t escaped the upper MIC tiers of our society. A star of the show, Millie Mackintosh, and oddly un-posh, rapper hubby, Professor Green, are always a failsafe for sickeningly sweet displays of marital bliss. This week’s post from the Prof himself doesn’t disappoint. Yes, it’s romantic and all that, but who cares about the message when the cookie’s that big?

Professor Green instagram

4.       Britney Spears @britneyspears

Britney Spears has been showing off her new fella on Instagram this week, a dashing producer type called Charlie Ebersol. It’s rumoured online that he’s met her two little boys and her family approve. Let’s hope this time, our Brit might have a bit more luck when it comes to l’amour.

Britney Spears Instagram

5.       Snoop Dogg @snoopdogg

Someone who is surprisingly very lucky in love is Snoop Dogg (Lion? Did that really happen or was that all a dream?). He has posted a surprisingly respectable picture of himself with his long-term love, Shante Broadus, stating that he and his childhood sweetheart have been a ‘power couple’ for 25 years. In spite of the odd scandal here or there, Snoop claims he is a reformed character and his proud posts suggest that might just be true.

Snoop Dogg Instagram

6.       Katy Perry @katyperry

Unfortunately, it’s not all love and laughter for the celebs this week and there’s always one lonely cheeto left after the party’s over. Throwback Thursday gave Katy Perry the chance to reminisce on this sad night, with only a trusty teddy for company. But hey, if anyone can make a cheeto outfit look hot, it’s her.

Katy Perry Instagram

7.       Jason Derulo @jasonderulo

Perhaps we ought to fix our pal Katy up with a certain dish r’n’b heart-throb. We can imagine that, judging by this picture, it’s more than just the football skills you’re looking forward to seeing when you’re in Brazil, Jason.

Jason Derulo Instagram

8.       Adriana Lima @AdrianaLima

This is one of our favourite posts of the week. As Christmas approaches and tins of Quality Street are within sniffing distance, we can’t help but feel reassured that we aren’t the only ones who are desperately trying to resist our cravings in order to reach our Christmas party dress aspirations; even world-famous Victoria’s Secret models have those days when cake hallucinations are all the eye can see.

Adriana lima Instagram

9.       Naomi Campbell @naomicampbell

Never one to shy away from controversy, this throwback picture from one of the world’s top models is no doubt a warcry of ‘anything you can do, I can do better. Or at least, with a ginormous plait and ballet shoes on. This artistic nude shows off her slender, toned body while keeping a classy, high fashion feel, meaning perhaps you wouldn’t be quite so red-faced when the kids stumble upon it in the years to come.

Naomi Campbell

10.   Naomi Campbell – again @naomicampbell

Continuing in the controversial vein, Miss Campbell has also posted herself on her Instagram in order to tell her haters a thing or two about her. We love that even top models aren’t immune to the lure of a good meme, although this one does end on a somewhat sinister note, especially considering Naomi’s temper troubles in the past. A little word of warning to whoever is in her bad books this week, don’t let your iPhones out of your sight.

Naomi Campbell Instagram

11.   Cheryl Fernandez-Versini @cherylofficial

This week, the nation’s sweetheart, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, has celebrated being the first British female to have five number one singles. No other British lady has ever accomplished this musical feat. While Cheryl’s voice might not be the best out of all the UK artists out there, she’s undoubtedly a very hard-working, beautiful and talented girl done good. Plus, there’s just something about Chezza that makes us lust after every outfit she’s pictured in.

Cheryl Instagram

12.   Ed Sheeran @teddysphotos

Another British artist with some great posts this week is Ed Sheeran. Initially, we were a little confused after seeing his Instagram handle – surely, this isn’t the real deal? But, Teddy it is. Before the more gullible among us start wondering (and yes, we had to google it), Mick Hucknell is not, I repeat not, Ed Sheeran’s dad. Nevertheless, we love this pic of these two famous ginger crooners.

Ed Sheeran Instagram

13.   Ellie Goulding @EllieGoulding

Sheeran’s previous love, Ellie Goulding, is as down to earth as ever in spite of her steadily increasing fame. Just the term ‘power juice cleanse’ pretty much brings us out in hives, the thought of paying more than a fiver for the privilege of a bottle of this liquid delicacy would definitely have us posting this, too, disgruntled face and all. Also, loving her chunky grey knit and friend’s berry lipstick; both massive style hits this autumn.

Ellie Goulding Instagram

14.   Chris Brown @chrisbrownofficial

Fashion from the other side of the pond, Chris Brown has been showing off a brand spanking new pair of Nike high-tops with the comment ‘Got em!’ Shoe-lovers everywhere will be green with envy already, Chris, no need to brag.

Chris Brown Instagram

15.   Chris Brown – again @chrisbrownofficial

Not only is Chris showing off the contents of his shoebox, but also his garage, as he debuts his car’s make over which took place this week. Again, just a whiff of an unnecessary brag with the hashtagging. Really, Chris, keep it classy #jealousnotjealous.

Chris Brown Instagram

16.   Harry Styles @harrystyles

Harry seems to have adopted the rock’n’roll persona of One Direction (does such a thing exist!?), perhaps due to his older-woman-bedding skills or shaggy rocker locks. His Insta account is testament to this and possibly the only celeb account that we’ve seen which seems to be entirely black and white. Although we love the timeless monochrome trend, the enthusiastic filters of black and white filters make his comment on this picture seem a little out of place. Perhaps he meant to write ‘it was all monochrome’; that’s a pretty feasible autocorrect.

Harry Styles Instagram

17.   Kate Hudson – @KateHudson

From one black and white post to another, Kate Hudson bowled us over with her #TBT shot this week. It’s no secret that she is the spitting image of her mum, the beautiful Goldie Hawn, but this picture really did make us look twice. We thought for a second that Kate was revealing a secret lovechild, but actually she’s the babe in arms in this pic! Too cute! And will those bohemian waves ever go out of fashion?

Kate Hudson Instagram

18.   Drew Barrymore @drewbarrymore

So it’s not just us mere non-celeb mortals that have had umbrella-related difficulties over the past week, as rain and wind has blitzed the country. Although we’re not sure if Drew is actually over here suffering the British winter with us, it’s good to know we aren’t alone in our umbrella vs. blizzard plight. These things are a hazard, people!

Drew Barrymore Instagram

19.   Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver

It’s all about the nudes this week. You know what I mean; it’s just… so… peachy… Oh wait, what were you thinking about? Here’s the one that’s clearly what we’ve been talking about this week, the #TBT from the Naked Chef himself.

Jamie Oliver Instagram

20.   Kim K @kimkardashion

Oh, go on then, here it is. Well, we couldn’t really not mention it, could we?

Kim Kardashian Instagram