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15 political hotties from around the world – yes, our office is a strange place!


Can there really be such a thing? Or is the term just an oxymoron branded about come election time in order to spice up media interest in the redtop tabloids and lifestyle pages by discussing the latest fashion trends and relationship statuses favoured by MP’s?

Some hardcore fans of Sex and the City (myself included) may remember a series three episode of the show in which Carrie Bradshaw poses to her readers, “Can there be sex without politics?” after she starts dating a city councilman. Well I am posing a slightly different question in this article, and that is ‘can there be politics without sexy politicians?’

Here at My Celebrity Fashion the team have been pondering this for a while, leading us to delve into global archives in a bid to uncover the most gorgeous, best looking and undeniably charming individuals to ever grace the crazy world of politics.

So here, for your pleasure, is our take on the top 15 sexiest individuals to ever grace the world of politics.

But please, if you disagree, let us know who gets you ‘Politically Erect’ (see what we just did there?!) in the comments section below.

15. Joseph Stalin 

Perhaps a somewhat controversial choice when taking into consideration the fact that as a dictator he was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. Having said that, one cannot deny that a young Stalin, seen here at around 25 years old, was an extremely good-looking guy. He was also, according to historical accounts, quite the ladies’ man and boasted of hundreds of lovers during his early adult life.


14. Eva Kaili

The Greek goddess you see before you is Eva Kaili, a former television presenter and personality who turned her back on show business to become an MP back in 2007. Widely known in Greece as the most attractive Member of Parliament, Kaili has gained somewhat of a male dominated fan base in her country over the past decade.


13. Gavin Newsom

This fellow is certainly proof that a lifestyle rich is outdoor activities and sunshine benefits your looks. His name is Gavin Newsom and he is the 49th and current lieutenant governor of California, after being elected in 2010. After it was revealed in 2007 that Newsom had been having an affair with the wife of his then campaign-manager, he understandably lost popularity and the votes of his male supporters, and yet his female voters seemed to remain un-phased by the scandal. We just CANNOT imagine why……..


12. Julia Bonk

Apart from having one of the greatest surnames known to politics, at the tender age of 28 German politician Julia Bonk has already built up a pretty impressive track record. Not only was Miss Bonk the youngest member of parliament in the history of German politics, she also carries off what most politicians cannot……a daring red hair dye job.


11. Eduardo Leite

Calm down ladies, it’s not like we haven’t all seen a sexy Brazilian politician who answers to the name of Eduardo Leite without any clothes on before. Or have we?


10. Louise Mensch

As well as being elected as the Conservative MP for the UK constituency of Corby between 2010 and 2012, British beauty Louise Mensch is also well-known as an author who has written a total of 14 chick-lit books in her twenty years as an author.


9. Imran Kahn

From a former playboy cricketer and captain of the Pakistani team to a political force of nature, like a fine red wine, Imran Kahn has without a doubt only improved and gotten better with age. He may have divorced ex-wife, and good friend of the late Princess Diana, Jemima Goldsmith in 2004, yet something tells us Imran is hardly short of female attention and company.


8. Vera Lischka

Back in the day, Vera Lishka was a champion swimmer in her native Austria, and even won the European 50m breaststroke title. With an impressive 13 titles to her name, she retired from the sport in the late 1990’s to study journalism, and is now a member of the Upper Austrian Parliament.


7. Adam Afriyie

As well as the obvious good looks, Conservative MP for Windsor Adam Afriyie has also risen from humbled, council-estate beginnings to become a self-made millionaire. Worth an estimated £100m and with a mansion located in the heart of Central London, it’s just our bad luck he’s been happily married to wife Tracy for the past decade.


6. Mara Carfagna 

Does anyone else see the slight irony in the fact that the beautiful Mara Carfagna, The Minister for Equal Opportunity in her native Italy, used to make a living as a showgirl and topless model?


5. John F Kennedy

Ahhh JFK, what a dreamboat. Whilst he may have been assassinated long before any of the team here at My Celebrity Fashion were even born, there is no denying the impact that the handsome John F Kennedy had on popular culture. After all, if he was good enough for Marilyn Monroe…….


4. Anna- Maria Galojan

As you may have already guessed from her questionable Playboy cover shoot below, this sexy lady is not exactly the shy and retiring type. She is in fact Anna Maria Galojan, one of the most popular politicians and public figures in Estonia. As well as her position as the leader of the youth section in the Estonian Reform Party, Anna-Maria also well-known for causing a substantial amount of controversy in 2011 after she was convicted of embezzling 60,000 euros. 


3. Vladimir Putin

Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Ed Harris, Stanley Tucci, Patrick Stewart……..

Who is missing on this arguably conclusive list of the best looking bald men in the world? Well in our opinion it’s none other than everyone favourite undemocratic Russian president Vladimir Putin. In this picture he is topless on horse, and who doesn’t love a guy who can connect with animals whilst half-naked?


2. Yulia Tymoshenko 

She is the former Prime Minister of Ukraine and founder of the ‘Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc Party’ with quite frankly some of the most outstanding hair we have ever seen. Since coming into power, Forbes Magazine has named her the third most influential and powerful woman in the world, with numerous other publications outing her as ‘one of the most beautiful women to ever enter the realm of politics.’


1. Barack Obama

This one hardly needs explaining does it?

As the most powerful man in the world, with a loving wife and children and one of the most beautiful smiles we have ever seen, it seems that the current President of the United States of America can do no wrong. Part of us kind of wants his term in office to hurry up and finish already just so we can see what he’s going to do next. (Perhaps a permanent move to the UK?)