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Celebrity Instagram stalking from the last week – Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Lindsey Lohan, Rihanna, Cara Delevigne, Tyra banks and more!


For 21st century curtain twitchers, Instagram is our best friend. And who wants to nose into our next door neighbour’s garden when there is a plethora of sheeny, shiny celebrities at our fingertips, with their lives on display for our casual perusal? Celebrity Instagram accounts are an unparalleled glimpse into a world of fame and everything that comes with it; the fashion, the parties and the downright weirdness of the showbiz universe.

Here’s our pick of the top 20 celebrity posts this week, from scandal to inspiration, for everything from fashion to travel to furry friends alongside general musings on life, all from our much-loved glitterati pack.

Lindsay Lohan @lindsaylohan

Mean Girls? Mean Girls!? Does this mean there will be another Mean Girls!!??

After her stint on Jonathon Ross, during which she flirted outrageously with my future (what will then be second) husband, Lindsay spurred on a whole heap of rumour-mongering on the grapevine that maybe, just maybe, there might be another Mean Girls film in the pipeline. The troubled, yet brilliant actress has said openly that she and Tina Fey, the producer of the first film and famed comedienne, have discussed a potential plot for a follow-up film. The two have remained firm friends over the years and, now that Lindsay is managing her illness well and working again, let’s hope this meeting was Mean Girls-inspired!

lindsay lohan mean girls

Madonna @madonna

The fitness selfie enters a whole other realm where celebrities are concerned. There’s a whole world of fitness inspiration out there in the IG arena; people have actually attained a celebrity status in the real world due to their astonishing fitness prowess displayed via highly viewed sequences of gym selfies, generally rather revealing *coughjenseltercough*.

Madonna is praised and slated in equal measure for her fitness obsession and the result of her labour, her svelte and muscular body. This selfie, in a trademark leotard, shows the lady is still working hard in and out of the gym to maintain her incredible physique. And, of course, make us all feel pretty guilty as we swipe through while drinking hot chocolate on the sofa. Ho hum.


Rihanna @badgalrir

The #tbt trend brings some of the cutest little mini-me snaps to light and this week’s post from Rihanna has to take the biscuit. Look at her little face! We love how 90’s this picture is. Rather a contrast to the world-touring, something-smoking, gangsta-loving superstar we see on every major music channel today.


Kylie Jenner @kyliejenner

From one teen star to another, Kylie Jenner, the famous face known worldwide for being an up and coming model and definitely not as the little sister of Kim Kardashian, has been posting some couture yet very saucy snaps this week. Her dark, devilish and delicious outfit in this post has set fashionistas’ pulses racing all over the Gramosphere but, being so seductive and sophisticated, it’s hard to remember Kylie is only 17 years old. I mean, seriously, those boots should have an age rating.


Rachel Zoe @rachelzoe

Another flash across the pond to LA life, Rachel Zoe is no stranger to the Kardashian Krew, seeing as she is possibly the world’s most high profile celebrity stylist. Bringing us little glimpses of her glamourous life in the States, alongside a few snaps of her hobnobbing with very well-dressed celebrity mates, this post flaunts the LA ensemble like no other. Typical of her hallmark style, she looks carefree, simple and effortless. We love the timeless monochrome, flared trousers and loose jacket slung over the shoulders. Definite fashion-inspo for our next shopping trip!


Mel Ottenberg @melzy917

The male side of the coin to Rachel, Mel is another esteemed stylist for many famous face, with his most public fashion protégée being Rihanna herself. With a punkier, edgier and more androgenous feel to his work than Rachel, Mel has worked with a myriad of celebs for all kinds of events, and often shows off his talents on IG.

Unfortunately, though, our favourite post of the week from this fashion-forward fella is actually due to the starring role of a very Grumpy Cat. And look at J.Lo being all real and Jenny from the block, in spite of wearing a dress probably worth tens of thousands of dollars. Instagram gold!

 mel grumpy cat

Cara Delevigne @caradelevigne

Moving on from the stylists to the models, Instagram delivers amazing inspiration from the fashion elite, from the catwalk to the dressing room. A starring member of the couture ratpack, Cara Delevigne, has shown the world her latest lust-have. A pair of hightops… made of bacon. This isn’t the only post where the rashers have played their part, either. Well, we can’t fault a girl who loves her meat!


Miley Cyrus @mileycyrus

Talking of pigs, Miley has debuted a brand new nail trend this week, or perhaps it should be trotter trend. For those of us with micro pigs as pets (and I mean, who hasn’t?), the singer has demonstrated a whole new way to ensure they don’t let the side down, fashion-wise.

In reality, this post has actually caused a bit of a media backlash, with a blizzard of complaints about the cruelty element of applying nail varnish to an animal. Not that we imagine Miley cares all too much; this isn’t the first time her conscience has been called into question.


Tyra Banks @tyrabanks

This outspoken model is well versed in political and charitable involvement, but her latest venture marks her as part of the glitterati to promote voting across the US. Many celebrities seem to have become more interested in political topics, especially the question as to whether or not to vote, both here in the UK and across the ocean. We praise Tyra for encouraging her fans to find out more about the parties and cast their vote, whatever that may be. Democracy is so chic right now.

 tyrabanks @iamwill is known for bringing us the next and brightest trends on the horizon, shining his beacon of social media light upon various tech and fashion items in his entrepreneurial quest to become part of the next big thing. And this time – it’s a diamond-encrusted lobster. On his shoulder. Because, why wouldn’t it be?


Justin Timberlake @justintimberlake

Instagram isn’t just the place for fashion and fitspo, it’s also great for celebrity tip offs, such as this one from Justin. The singing sensation has tipped off his followers to the new sound on the streets, a girl that he believes will be a big star in the future. If anyone can make that call, JT can.


Nicki Minaj @nickiminaj

Nicki Minaj is another singer who loves a post or two on the social network. Her recent album, Anaconda, has prompted a wave of spoofs, as people mock her suggestive album cover, music video and lyrics. Rather than take umbrage to this, Nicki handles it like a pro by retaining her sense of humour and actually reposting the best spoofs she sees. We love the one below.


Amanda Seyfried @mingey

With only the rubbish lollies left in the pack, we look back on Halloween with fond memories – and an urgent desire to find out exactly what the holiday was like for the Hollywoodites. In America, Halloween is such a big deal and many celebrities take the chance to go all out. Amanda Seyfried is every girl’s dream celebrity best friend and she hasn’t let us down with this Halloween make up, as she and her friend snapped their spooky faces.


P Diddy @iamdiddy

Another celebrity celebration of note this week come from the man himself, P Diddy. He celebrated his birthday this month with girlfriend, Ciara (yes – that Ciara), and posted a pic of his cheesy grin (grimace?) while holding his birthday apple pie. That’s right, ever since he was a kid, he wanted apple pie for his birthday, but has never had it until this year. Now, that’s what we call a good relationship. Cute!


Kelly Rowland @kellyrowland

Carrying on in the celebration theme, Kelly Rowland is both beaming and blooming in all her pictures recently, with not a sign of greasy hair or ginger biscuit crumbs a la normal people. The lady is doing pregnancy celeb-style, meaning flowing dresses, famous well-wishers and happy shots like this one. Congratulations, Kelly, it suits you!


SJP @sarahjessicaparker

An Instagram stalk isn’t the same without a dip into the world of Sarah Jessica Parker. Ever since her Sex and the City heyday, she’s been scrutinised for her fashion choices as though she’s Carrie herself. This time, though, we love this post which could happily double up as parenting advice for the lovely Kelly. Wine = good children. Makes sense to us.


Mariah Carey @mariahcarey

To finish off the cute kids round up, Mariah has posted the sweetest snap with her little girl, starting their Christmas shopping. Looking every inch the all American girl, her little one dons a khaki coat with a US flag on the sleeve and high tops. And for that, we’ll forgive them for wearing sunglass, inside, in November, just this once.


Lauren Conrad @laurenconrad

Now, onto babies of the furry kind. Our green-eyed envy is no stranger to the Insta feed of Lauren Conrad, star of the Hills and now fashion and lifestyle blogger to the masses, with plenty of fashion inspiration. This post, however, has us cooing over an entirely different subject, her cute little pup. N’aww!


Nicole Richie @nicolerichie

There is such a thing, however, of celebrities taking their love for their little four-legged babies a tad too far, as demonstrated by Nicole Richie. For once, we’re speechless.


Reese Witherspoon @reesewitherspoon

So to round up our Top 20 Celeb Posts of the Week, here’s some wisdom from Reese Witherspoon. Her Instagram is actually all pretty brilliant, with posts that make you feel like she really is just ‘one of us’, with a little extra celeb dust sprinkled in for good measure. Where big hair is concerned, we’re definitely with you, Reese!