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Celebrity Instagram Stalking from the past 7 days feat Katy Perry, Kylie, 50 Cent, Paloma Faith, Lady Ga Ga, Rita Ora and more



There’s such a lot to choose from in the pool of celebrity Insta pickings this week, with inspiration everywhere from hair to nails to seasonal dresses, we can’t get enough of celebrity snaps this week – plus, of course, the dusting of scandal and oh-so-glamorous gossip on the side *coughKourtneycough* Here’s the crème de la crème of celebrity liasons this week…

Mindy Gets Starry Eyed (and Outfitted)

Mindy Kaling is one of our very favourite newcomers on our screens and we can’t get enough of her Mindy Project brights and bold block style. We love her fun and flirty colours on the show and, although she’s a little more muted when she’s off-duty, we adore this starry casual sweater-skirt get-up. Bonus points for the 80s chic sunglasses.


From Stars to Stripes with Paloma

Paloma Faith is rocking the 50s style, American diner trend in this amazing snap, taken before filming the BBC music awards. The loose curls and red lip and nails are always a recipe for success, but we love the way Paloma’s not afraid to go the whole hog and take the look all the way with the white and red stripe.


Kylie’s Quite the Lady

From 50s trends to something altogether more timeless, Kylie Minogue played dress up in luxe pink brocade print with this gorgeous winter dress. We can’t get enough of elegant knee-length evening styles, proving that you don’t need to sweep the floor with a full length gown to make an entrance. And the bows on the shoes? Perfection.

kylie minogue

Ariana and Her Beau Are Red (Carpet) Hot

Ariana Grande has inspired couple envy everywhere with her sweet and saucy Instagram posts this week, with this cute collage. Red is set to be a key colour this Christmas and this dress does not disappoint, neither does her fella – or his traditional black tie, albeit slightly crooked. Her sleek hair style is prime material for those who insist that ponies can work for day or night.


50 Cent Looking A Million Dollars

The great thing about the festive season is all the black tie parties. Suddenly, come December, the streets are awash with Christmas party gowns and tuxes and everyone is transformed into old Hollywood movie stars. Christmas brings a kind of glamour that can’t be replicated at any other time of the year and the transformation isn’t for us normal folk alone – check out 50 Cent, teaching the boys a thing or two about how to wear a DJ. We like, Fiddy, we like a lot.


Vanessa Rocks Black and Bangs

Rocking the monochrome in a dressed down, 80s punk kind of way, Vanessa Hudgens toughens up her normally casual, LA style with a black t-shirt and round 80s sunglasses, with a full dark fringe. We love her inspirational comment – she loves Mondays! Inspiration for our daily commute.


Coral Brights Inspire Serious Holiday Envy

There’s nothing worse on a dreary, drizzly afternoon in Blighty than to find this on your newsfeed. For those of us jetting off for winter sun, possibly a few more after reading this post, Danielle Lloyd’s post from the beach gives us inspiration not only for the holiday, but for the bikini body that goes with it. As if the beach and tan aren’t summery enough, that hot coral colour casts our mind back to longer, lighter days filled with barbeques and flip flops. Anybody else fancy a quick trip somewhere sunny?

danielle lloyd

From Hot Weather to Ferne’s Hot Pink

Nail inspiration is among our favourite things and this hot pink is bright enough to chase our holiday blues away and brighten up our grey afternoons. Bright colours are a perfect way to inject a little pizzazz into your winter wardrobe and put a smile on your face, as shown by this true Essex lady. Just because the skies are grey, doesn’t mean your clothes have to be! We’ll take your lead on this one, Ferne.


Hilary Puts Her Best Foot Forward

Shoes! Daringly, Miss Duff has opted for an open-toe here, which leads us to believe that she is far from the puddle-prone streets of our fair isle. However, having said that, these shoes are worth taking a risk on a weather forecast and a few wobbly cobblestones. The skyscraper, stiletto heel and simple black wrap straps are gorgeously understated and the perfect accompaniment to the office Christmas party dress.


Gaga Glam

Black is back this year, from dresses to shoes to…lipstick. But only when worn with gold eyebrows, of course. We can assume this is costume make up, but who knows with the goddess that is Gaga? Although it’s clearly a rather creative couture make up look, we can take inspiration from a metallic eye and dark berry look, to bring a touch of Gaga to our own make up look-book.


Trashy 22s

Miley Cyrush turned 22 this week in the only way she could –with a mash of clashing colours, a furry handbag, illegal substances and a lot of phallic replicas! In Miley’s world, we would expect nothing less. Her pastel-brights ensemble scream of Clueless and, although it goes against every rule of textbook fashion, we kind of love it for that very reason.


Rita Ora’s Feeling Blue

Wow – that hair. It’s a strong look but Rita has the youthfulness, don’t-care confidence and the smooth skintone to pull it off, not to mention her very own brand of cool style. If you want to try something along these lines but aren’t sure if you’re keen on making the full commitment, ask your stylist for a couple of coloured flashes in the bottom layer of your hair, which will show through when you want it to but also remain easy enough to disguise.


Interior Chic With Fearne Cotton

Fearne’s association with Very has long resulted in some very stylish favourites, but this post of a sneak peak of her latest homeware collection has us feeling all houseproud and inspired by soft furnishing. Are we turning into our mothers already? If it results in furniture as pretty as this, we don’t care!


Christmas with the Carters

From everyday décor to that strictly reserved for the most wonderful time of the year (yes – we’ve been listening to a LOT of Christmas tunes), Beyonce is showing us how to have Christmas like the Carters with this amazing post of their awe-inspiring, aqua and silver-decorated tree.


From Big Houses to Little Ones

If there’s anything we like better than playing house, it’s eating house. We were pleased to see that Iggy Azalea herself is getting into the spirit with this gorgeous gingerbread house. We can just imagine her freestyling about how hers is the most fancy.

iggy azalea

Rumours from the Kardashian Grapevine

Never ones to stay away from the limelight, another Kardashian relationship has been called into question this week, following some posts from Kourtney which reek of break up bravado. This little gem of wisdom was posted while Scott Disick was out partying in Vegas, as she stayed home with the kids. Good luck with that one, Kourtney.

kourtney kardashian

Katy Perry’s Standing Tall in Sydney

We adore this picture of Katy Perry, on top of the Sydney Bridge. In spite of the generic harness and overalls, her massive grin is an accessory enough to make this one of her best Instagram moments.


There’s No Party Like a Dan Bilzerian Party

The champagne spray, the beautiful people, the Bilzerian arms. Who cares that all he wears is t-shirts 99.9% of the time? This guy is gorgeous and, hell, we can’t deny that we’d jump at the chance to be in attendance of one of his legendary parties! Here’s hoping for the office Christmas party this year…

dan bilzerian

Women For Women

Along with all the warm family-inspired fuzzies at Christmas time, it’s often also a time when we are inspired to donate to charities close to our heart. Stella McCartney posted a pic this week to promote her Stop Violence Against Women white ribbon campaign, and has since posted many subsequent snaps of various high profile bods in the fashion world holding the white ribbon symbol to get the message out there. Well done, Stella, you inspire us to give generously and be charitable this Christmas.


Channing. Tatum. And. Puppies.

channing tatum

It just wouldn’t be right to end this post any other way.