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Ed Sheeran’s record label shocker – who he needs to sign up


So the news has dropped that singer, songwriter and all-round flame-haired dreamboat Ed Sheeran is planning on launching his very own record label. The rumour is that he already has his first recruit in mind, although unfortunately he’s keeping pretty tight-lipped over who the lucky person (or people) will be.

This exciting news, somewhat randomly, had a couple of the guys here at My Celebrity Fashion thinking about how FREAKIN’ awesome it would be if everybody signed to the label was, like Mr Sheeran, a ginger ninja, a member of the strawberry blonde squad or part of the carrot-top crew.

This initial theory then transpired to what can only be described as a monumental office discussion; leading to the following list containing the redhead singers that we feel should be Ed’s priority when scouting for the new label (which, BTW, we totally think should be called ‘Rusty Records’!)

Geri Halliwell

One of Ed’s first phonecalls has surely gotta be to the Spice Girl formally known as Ginger. As well as being the woman who made it universally acceptable to be a sexy redhead, she also paved the way for many women in the mid-nineties to colour their hair in a way in which they’d never dared before.

Not quite sure WHAT she was thinking when she lost a ton of weight and became a bleach blonde after leaving the Spice Girls, but at least she came to her senses and returned to her ‘roots’ soon enough (pun intended).


Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts is another singer and ex-girl band member Ed is sure to make a priority for his label. Nicola, or as she more commonly known ‘the ginger one off of Girls Aloud’ has been lacking somewhat in terms of exposure since the band split a few years back. Yet with one failed attempt at a solo career firmly behind her and Mr Sheeran’s sound career advice, we’re sure she can go on to achieve massive ginger greatness!

Cheryl Fernandez who?


Art Garfunkel

We’re taking it old-school with this one guys. As one-half of legendary musical duo Simon & Garfunkel, Art was responsible for rocking a ginger afro long before the likes of comedian carrot-top came along! With 73 years of experience behind him, we have no doubt he would be able to teach a thing or two to Ed about running his own label.


Florence Welch

Ever since bursting on to the music scene in 2008 with her massive debut album ‘Lungs’, Florence and her almighty machine have dominated the charts globally so her inclusion on Ed’s label is surely a no-brainer? Her quirky image, alternative dress sense and amazing red locks no doubt helped to elevate her to superstardom, so much so that one of our team actually attempted to (unsuccessfully) recreate her look with an at-home hair dye when they were at Uni a few years back! #EpicFail

The Brit Awards - Inside Arrivals


Newton Faulkner

Everybody remember this dude? He was the guy who had the balls to rock some ginger dreadlocks long after Mick Hucknall made them a tragic trend in the eighties. Although he may widely be known as a one hit wonder, Newton is actually a seriously talented man, and with a not completely dissimilar style to Ed Sheeran, we are more than confident they could make some sweet sweet music with one another!


Hayley Williams (Paramore)

Ok, we’ll admit it, we’ve added the lovely Hayley into this list because we are seriously in love with the idea of her and Ed one day getting married and having beautiful ginger babies together. The Paramore singer is undoubtedly responsible for a wave of ‘emo’ girls becoming redheads, and even released her own range of hair dyes earlier this year, naming each shade after one of her own songs.


Paloma Faith

Who doesn’t love an eccentric redhead? The super-talented singer and actress Paloma Faith is definitely one of our favourites and with her trademark vintage style and hair that is always coiffed to perfection, she will no doubt add true glamour, sophistication and some much-needed va va voom to the upcoming record label.


Ziggy Stardust 

Before anybody starts, we are more than aware that Ziggy Stardust is not a real person and was the 1970’s alter-ego of David Bowie. However, with a look and hairstyle as iconic and relevant today as it was 40 years ago, how could we NOT want him as part of the definitive record label of redheads?


Axl Rose

As the lead singer of Guns and Roses, and with such banging tunes as ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and ‘November Rain’ under his belt, Axl Rose is arguably the ultimate rock star redhead. As well as sporting a courageous shade of hair, Axl is also infamous for his somewhat controversial choice of cornrow braids……. (no comment)


Kate Nash

The British singer behind classic noughties tunes ‘Foundations’, ‘Mouthwash’ and ‘Merry Happy’ has been pretty quiet our side of the Atlantic for the past few years as she travels across the United States showcasing her new sounds. Yet we think she could totally be swayed by Ed Sheeran and his charms to move back to the UK and sign with his label.


Una Foden

As one fifth of  The Saturday, currently the most popular girl band in the UK, it is only a matter of time before Irish flame-haired beauty Una, already a mother of two and the eldest member of the band, decides to branch out and explore the possibility of a solo singing career.


Lindsay Lohan

It might have easily passed most of the rest of you by, but us hard-core Lohan fans still remember her attempt at a singing career back in 2007 (we still listen to the track ‘Over’ whenever we’re going through tough break-ups). Bearing this in mind, as well as the fact that she doesn’t have a half-bad singing voice and has reverted back to her natural red tresses these days, what better way to celebrate her recent move to the UK by teaming up with Ed Sheeran on some heavy tunes.


Josh Homme

Josh, founder and only continuous member of popular American band Queens Of The Stone Age, has always been able to differentiate himself from other rock musicians with his slicked back copper coloured hairstyle. A hugely talented musician and songwriter, he and Ed will have a great deal more than just hair colour in common.



Yeah yeah yeah she’s not a natural ginger by a longshot, BUT our absolute favourite Rihanna look so far has got to be during the ‘Only Girl In The World’ period when she favoured cherry red lips and hair to match. Hopefully by inviting her to join his label, Ed can convince her to bring it back?!


Cilla Black

Last, but by no means least on our list is the truly iconic Cilla Black, who quite frankly should’ve been named Cilla Ginger in our opinion. Originating as a singer in the swinging sixties, she is sure to teach Ed and the others the secret of longevity in the crazy world of showbusiness. Cilla’s strong choice of hair colour has remained a constant for more than half a decade, and as the team here at My Celebrity Fashion always say, “If something works, keep it working.” YOU GO CILLA!