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XFactor Live Fashion Blog – Saturday 22 November


Good news everyone, our live XFactor fashion blog is back again today with  Laura Jane Turner. As a celebrity stylist and fashion fixer, what Laura doesn’t know, ain’t worth knowing!

Tune in from 8pm to get the low down on who is looking hot and where to get the look from!

8PM- Hey – I’m back again! Let’s get stuck in for another night’s live show fashion antics… And tonight is set to promise more vintage glory as we go back in time to celebrate two music legends.

UPDATE:  It’s pretty clear by this point that Cheryl can do no wrong in my eyes. She just hits it every time! Tonight she’s dazzling in a floor length blue Thakoon gown. In other news, Mel wears all of the ugly dresses; it’s such a shame that she’s not owning the androgynous look. She’d rock a slick tailored suit and sky high heels.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 20.07.26Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 20.44.28











UPDATE:  My favourite Platt was sporting a more fun and urban vibe tonight – and I loved! She can do girly and street wear without seeming like she’s “dressing up”. Loved her Marc Jacob jeans and Calvin Klein-esque crop top. Top marks again, girl. With a Gold star too.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 20.25.27

UPDATE:  Haenow Haaaenow (don’t dream it’s over…) is rocking the retro “open-buttoned denim with tee, layered with leather jacket” look. What a mouthful! It’s all very Bryan Adams. He’s a good old fashioned rock star, so this suits him to a T.

UPDATE: Oh, Only The Young – there’s something about the way YOU look tonight. It’s all quite “Saved by the Bell”, and I loved the custom OTY baseball crop. Always good to silly string a judge or two as well… just like those old “skool” days! No detention for you tonight.

UPDATE: I love the eccentricity that we still see in Andrea’s VT’s. He has a unique personal style. I just wish this would be brought into the live shows! Where are the pug jumpers and coloured ankle socks?  (Side note: I do love an ankle sock.)  At least there’s a bow tie tonight, but I have to admit I’d like to see a little more personality come through in his on stage styling.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 20.37.13

UPDATE: Fleur is bringing the SASS this week! Looking absolutely flawless in a skin tight little metallic number, she’s made us all instantly forget about the LBD – we want silvers and golds, baby. This particular one is by Herve Leger, although there are plenty of little shiny numbers on the High Street so you can find your inner diva in time for the party season.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 20.57.17

UPDATE: And here we have Stevi wearing the LATEST in tin foil, teamed with strip club drapes… ahem. Maybe he had Fleur envy?

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 21.01.23

UPDATE:   Stereo Kicks warmed me tonight – and that’s not just because of the Hunger Games influence of backing flames. Wearing a sea of autumnal berry tones and winter jumpers, they emulated a Christmas theme for me – and in true boy band nature, they complimented each other and had “the look”. They sounded like a group, and they look like one too.

Well, thanks again for joining me! Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter @LJT_fash or you can check out my website.

Until next time – over & out!