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(Andy’s the one on the left, not the one off of Geordie Shore)

Favourite Purchase: There is a difference between my fave purchase and my best purchase. My favourite purchase was a shirt that did up using caribeanna clips (that climbers use) instead of buttons. It was ahead of its time but also was a shocking thing that got me murdered by my mates. Aside from that, a moncluer top I got for my birthday last year, its nice!

Worst Purchase: Probably that shirt I mentioned.

Celebrity Fashion Icon: I strive to look like David Beckham. Sadly, I fear I look like Stig of the Dump. I have an uncanny ability to make the best designer clothes look shoddy.

Favourite High Street: I am all about House of Fraser and John Lewis. I love the ranges that they do.

Favourite Designer: Paul Smith, I love him and his gear. I got some trainers from his range last year and they are stunning. I am also getting into long sleeved polo shirts and the Paul Smith range are amazing.

Position: Junior Fashion Writer and Competition Organiser extraodinaire